Egypt Mrs black, Jake torre

Physical water scarcity is when there is not enough water.

Economic water scarcity is when the country is to poor to afford dams,wells and pumps etc

Some parts of Africa have lots of water but some parts have water but can not afford or pump it out of the ground get wells, get a dam or clean the water. Some parts are slowly approaching physical water scarcity.

African map with eygpt on it

What is the cause of water scarcity in your chosen country? The cause of it is because Egypt is a very dry country most of it is desert and the population is growing rapidly.

The issue of water scarcity in Egypt is mainly because it is really dry and most of the country is dry. The government can not afford a lot of things. And the water is polluted.

How does the environment affect the availability of water in your chosen country? It is a very dry environment and the rainfall is only between 80 to 20ml of water. It only rains very rarely.

What problems does this water scarcity cause for the people, places and environment in your chosen country? People are going to need to work harder for water and the government needs to spend more money and the country could go bankrupt. The place could get dryer and more problems could occur.

What is currently being done to lessen the impact of water scarcity in your chosen country? They are trying to make everyone to stop polluting there only water source the Nile river and they are starting to use water pumps.

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