Invasion of the Fanwort BY: CUEJUN CHOI


CLASSIFICATION Kingdom-Plantae, Order- Nymphaeales, Genus- Cambomba, Family- Cabombaceae, Phylum- Vascular plant,

The Natural Habitat and Ecosystems it invades

How Invasive Species Migrates to New Areas

Fanwort is a common plant used for design in aquariums. Since people who have aquariums need to clean it, they go the near by ponds or drains and dump the fanwort and then it starts to spread. and that is how it invades new areas of water. with plant has roots like a weed does, so then it ends up killing the other plants and the fish ends up without food.

Invasive Impacts of the Fanwort

This plant is harmful to humans and people. Fish can get caught in the plants stems. This can cause them to die. The fanwort has really long stems and this blocks out sun light for other plants native there. This plant is expensive because if it gets stuck in the boats motar this can cost lots of money to fix. Also the government used $600 to stop the spread!

People are trying their best to controlling fanwort. People use a machine that sucks out the fanwort. The machine has 2 tube used to suck out the weeds. People try to learn how to identify fanwort to avoid it. If people who own an aquarium maybe they could stop using fanwort.


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