"im going away" he said. "and i know that im coming back." I think that this quote relates to the key Have the ability to love and let go. the quote shows how the boy is strong enough to leave his true love. to pursue his personal legend. in order to come back having for filled his dream. plus the promise he keeps to come back to her.
"he had summon up the courage to tell his father that he didnt want to be a priest but that he wanted to travel." this quote shows how the main character "santiago" has the courage to stand up tp his father. He was going to priest school all his life, never brave enough to stand up to his parents. but that all changed when he had enough. and really wanted to go after his dreams for traveling.
"we were once in our llives suppose to visit the holy city of mecca, but if i do i feel there will be nothing left of me in this world." this is a passage that would show how fear is destructive. Because when you fear something you dont want to so the crystal merchant he fears that is he achives his personal legend there will be nothing left to keep him living he will have no more purpose.
"You should pay more attention to the cavarn, We make a lot of detours, but we're always heading for the same destination" this is for the one that is to trust in your intuition and the universe to guide you. this shows that even if you have a lot of bumbs in the road on your way to your personal legend but even if you get off track for a little you will always reach it if you keep0 on moving on.

"Well why should i listen to my heart. Becauseyou will never again be able to keep it quiet." this also shows how you should trust in your intuition and the universe to guide you. because all you have to do to start listening is to open up your self to your heart and listen to it and it will guide you.


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