Introduction This website will include the six principles of the United States Constitution. Which are Popular Sovereignty, Limited Government, Separation of powers, Federalism, and Checks and balances.

Popular Sovereignty:

Popular Sovereignty is the people of the United States and constitution. Before the constitution was established, many people wanted it to become official. The most important quote for popular sovereignty is ''We the People'' from the Preamble. Now, some terms popular sovereignty includes establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and promote general welfare.

Limited Government:

Limited government is the powers of what the government can and can't do. Also, the government can't be above the law. Limited government is the rule of law and it describes the government's powers. Next, one of the many things the limited government does is limits the distribution of money. Lastly, a person can only have one position in government.

Separation of powers:

The separation of powers is three separate branches or powers. The separation of powers also includes House of Representatives and Senate. To start with, the branch that passes laws is the Legislative Branch. Next, the branch that carries out the laws is the Executive Branch. Lastly, the branch that interprets the laws is the Judicial Branch.


Federalism has everything to do with the state. Most importantly, federalism has to do with the government and state. Federalism is controlled by two levels of government. Also, there are no taxes at all either. Another, you cannot enter any treaty, alliance, or confederation if you are apart of a state.

Checks and Balances:

Checks and balances is a system that is designed to prevent emergence of a single domineering center of power. To begin with, two thirds majority in both houses of congress can overthrow the president's veto. The president selects judges but the senate has to approve. Next, congress may at any time by law, make or alter regulations. Lastly, the system includes the president, vice president, and civil officers.

Quick Quiz:

What principle has to do with the state?

What do you think is the most important principle and why?

What is the main idea for checks and balances?

What is popular sovereignty?

Is it a good idea to have the U.S. Constitution?

Describe Limited government in your own words.


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