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COVER IMAGE: "Time Flies" by Odile Aarts, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

Fast Facts

Submissions to the 2017 Adobe Design Achievement Awards opened on March 6th. This year's Early Bird deadline was May 5, 2017, and the final deadline is June 12th.

  • For competition dates and categories:
  • For prizes and benefits:
  • For mentorship information:
  • To see entries submitted in real time:
  • To see last year's finalists:

Send students to to enter their best work (the submission process is super easy!).

Students entering by the Early Bird deadline get extra exposure for their work; they have MULTIPLE chances to make the Semifinals. If they're not selected in the May 2nd judging round, they can get back to work and re-submit by the final June 12th deadline.

This year's competition also includes tons of new content and enhanced community features, designed to grow a spectator audience for the ADAA.

Encourage everyone (even those NOT planning to enter the competition) to "join the community"! The ADAA is active on the following social platforms; content is visible on the ADAA home page and student work appearing in the live entry feed is formatted to be highly sharable.

Below, we've provided a suite of assets to help you get the word out about the 2017 competition...


Option 1: Share Our Posts

It's easy to share competition updates via the ADAA Facebook page. Just use the SHARE function on one of our recent posts linking to the ADAA website.

Option 2: Post Your Own

SAMPLE COPY: Attention all students! Submissions are now being accepted to the 2017 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Enter your best work and earn international exposure, plus a shot at an unforgettable trip to Adobe MAX. Join the community at to follow the action, get inspirational student stories and career lessons, and cheer the next class of creative pros to the finish line.

IMAGE: We've included sample images for posts below; you may also use any photo from last year's student showcase with proper credit to the student and school.


Option 1: Retweet Us

It's also super easy to share news about the ADAA via our Twitter page; just retweet a recent tweet linking to the website.

Option 2: Tweet Your Own

SAMPLE COPY: ATTENTION STUDENTS: Submissions to this year's #adobeawards are now open! Visit to enter / join the community.

IMAGE: If you'd like to include an image with your tweet, follow the Facebook recommendations above.


Option 1: Regram Us

Our Instagram account is brand new; we would love to be regrammed! Please share any of our original content posts about the competition with your followers and be sure to mention @adobeawards.

Option 2: Post Your Own

IMAGE: We're creating a gorgeous series of video slideshow posts from student work just for Instagram, and they'll be available for your direct use...

SAMPLE COPY (with student attributions): 2017 @adobeawards submissions are now open; go to to enter your best work / join the community. @odiletje @johelriveram @yawen818 #adobeawards #launchyourcareer

Relevant Social Copy / Tags

Some language to emphasize as you're posting (and even just talking!) about the ADAA:

  • Launch your career
  • Launching student careers
  • Enter your best work
  • Top talent from around the globe
  • Join the community
  • Inspirational student stories
  • Next generation of creative pros
  • Cheer on the (next generation of creative pros)
  • (See/Watch/Help/Make) creative dreams come true
  • #adobeawards
  • #launchyourcareer
  • #getinspired
  • #creativecareer

Print Poster

ADAA Videos

We've created more video content than ever this year; here's just a few to get you started (we'll share more as the competition progresses)...

Email Newsletter

We'll be publishing a regular newsletter this year filled with competition updates, creative inspiration, and tips for launching your career. Sign up in the main menu on the ADAA website; we've made our launch newsletter available for Adobe staff to repurpose in other regions / languages below...

Banner Ads

Additional Images

We're making our complete bank of social media images – including header banners – available to you, as well. Repurpose them in any useful way to help get the word out and launch student careers!

Still have questions?

Email Lisa Temple and Max Starubinsky and we will get you what you need.

"Light and Shadow", Eliana Bogdan, Universitatea Politehnică București

Thank you for helping us make creative dreams come true!

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