Adobe Awards 2019 Promotional Toolkit A guide for adobe partners

Fast Facts

The Adobe Design Achievement Awards are ready for another record-breaking year! There's lots new happening in 2019 – all of it designed to help launch the creative careers of even more young people in every corner of the globe. Here are the highlights:

  • The school requirement has been lifted. This year's competition is open to any young creator (over 18) regardless of whether they're currently attending school (students at accredited institutions of higher learning are STILL eligible – nothing changes for them). This remains a beginner / emerging program – absolutely no professionals / professional work is permitted.
  • The competition structure and submission process have been simplified. Segments have been eliminated. There are now 6 broad categories; entrants will identify the purpose of their project (whether they created it as a work of fine art, for a real or fictional commercial client, or for a social or environmental cause) in an enhanced submission process.
  • More young people than ever will earn honors this year. There will be just one cut in the 2019 competition, down to the top 5-10%. These students will be the members of Adobe's "Top Talent" of 2019. They will ALL receive a free year-long Creative Cloud subscription. They will ALL form an exclusive community, with special access to Adobe, eligible for additional opportunities on a regular basis, for a term of 12 months – all designed to launch their creative careers!
  • Entrants will be able to specifically request feedback. For younger creators, those just getting started, those new to putting their work out there, or simply those just eager for more guidance, a special "feedback request" feature has been added to the submission flow.

Submissions open on March 8th. This year's Early Bird deadline is April 17, 2019, and the final deadline is June 21st.

The Adobe Awards website will reflect all new features and benefits of the 2019 program WITH THE MARCH 8th OPENING OF SUBMISSIONS.

  • For the official competition rules: https://www.adobeawards.com/competition
  • For competition dates and categories: http://adobeawards.com/us/competition
  • For prizes and benefits: http://adobeawards.com/us/benefits
  • To see entries submitted in real time: http://adobeawards.com/us/live (sort by Category / Region / Country / School / Status)
  • To see last year's Top Talent: http://adobeawards.com/us/showcase (sort by Category / Status)

Send students and emerging young artists + designers to www.adobeawards.com to enter their best work and take the first step toward launching their creative career (the submission process is super easy)!

Anyone entering by the April 17th Early Bird deadline will get extra exposure – they'll have TWO chances to make the Top Talent of 2019. If they're not selected in the first judging round, they can get back to work and re-submit by the final June 21st deadline!

The Adobe Awards include loads of standout creative work, community features, and inspiring stories about emerging artists and designers going after their dreams.

Encourage everyone (even those NOT eligible; ESPECIALLY creative professionals and opportunity-makers!) to follow along and see what the next class of creative pros is up to! The competition is active on the following social platforms, and content is ported to the official website home page. All entries appearing in the Adobe Awards Live Entry Gallery are powered by Behance and are formatted to be highly sharable.

Use this suite of assets to help you get the word out about the 2019 competition...


Option 1: Share Our Posts

It's easy to share competition updates via the Adobe Awards Facebook page. Just use the SHARE function on one of our recent posts linking to the official website.

Option 2: Post Your Own Call for Entries

SAMPLE COPY: Attention all students! Submissions to the 2019 Adobe Design Achievement Awards are now open, and more young artists and designers than ever now have a shot at incredible opportunities designed to launch their creative careers. From free Creative Cloud to VIP status at Adobe MAX – and more! – visit www.adobeawards.com and enter your work today.

IMAGE: We've included sample images for posts below; you may also use any photo from last year's student showcase with proper credit to the student and school.


Option 1: Retweet Us

It's also super easy to share news about the Adobe Awards via our Twitter page; just retweet a recent tweet linking to adobeawards.com.

Option 2: Tweet Your Own Call for Entries

SAMPLE COPY: ATTENTION STUDENT + EMERGING ARTISTS / DESIGNERS! Submissions to the 2019 #adobeawards are now open! Visit www.adobeawards.com to enter and take the first step toward launching your creative career.

IMAGE: If you'd like to include an image with your tweet, follow the Facebook recommendations above.


Option 1: Regram Us

Our Instagram account is very active during the competition season and we would love to be regrammed! Share any of our static feed posts with your followers and be sure to mention @adobeawards or #adobeawards.

Option 2: Post Your Own Call for Entries

VIDEO: We've created a video post in both a feed format AND a story format; it's available for you to download and post natively on your own account...

SAMPLE COPY FOR FEED POST: The 2019 #adobeawards are officially here; submissions are now open at adobeawards.com. Enter your best work and launch your creative career with free Creative Cloud, trips to Adobe MAX, chances to influence Adobe products and services, and MORE...

Relevant Social Copy / Tags

Some language to emphasize as you're posting (and even just talking!) about this year's Adobe Awards:

  • Launch your career
  • Launching creative careers
  • Enter your best work
  • Top Talent of 2019
  • Top talent from around the globe
  • Inspirational student stories
  • Emerging creative leaders
  • Next generation of creative pros
  • Ones to watch
  • Cheer on the (next generation of creative pros)
  • Take the first step
  • Get started, and get noticed
  • (See/Watch/Help/Make) creative dreams come true
  • #adobeawards
  • #launchyourcareer
  • #getinspired
  • #creativecareer

Print Poster


We always have lots of video content to help you promote the Adobe Awards; here are just a few pieces that convey the beautiful backstory of this program and how amazing the Adobe Awards student community is...

Email Newsletter

We'll be publishing a regular newsletter again this year filled with competition updates, creative inspiration, and tips for launching your career. Sign up on the home page of the official website and feel free to send us requests / suggestions for content to include!

Additional Images

We're making our complete bank of social media images and general marketing assets available to you, as well. Repurpose them in any useful way to help get the word out and launch creative careers!


Still have questions?

Email Lisa Temple and Max Starubinskiy – we will get you what you need.

Thank you for helping us make creative dreams come true!

Artwork in this toolkit is from "Comotion Title Sequence" by Sofie Lee and team, students at Savannah College of Art & Design

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