Myanmar 13 by Albert Normandin

Images from trip number 13 to the mystical land of Myanmar (Burma).

Southern landscape
Happy World
Shy workers
Lunch on the train
Serious silence
Nuns in Silent Meditation
Mountain sunrise
Old friends connect
Young Nuns study
Ancient Temples
Morgan is a happy man
A 79 year lone Monk, living the simple life
Peanut harvest
Road construction
Fishing port in the south
Chickens to market
Monks at different stages in their life path
Sitting Buddha, early morning
Ship crew
The electrician
On the busses
At the Fair
Train Station vendor
Monks at Kick Boxing match
Monks collect Alms
Road to school
Muslim Community School
Shwedagon Pagoda in the city
Wholesale Fish Market
Mountain top in fog
To the train
Years of construction, sitting Buddha
Mango sold on the streets
Pigeons at sunrise
My young friends
Evening ride at the Fair
Young Nun cooking
Bike ride home
The End

All images ©Albert Normandin, All rights reserved

Created By
Albert Normandin


Albert Normandin Photography

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