HeLa Cells AN AP Bio WebQuest

Who is Henrietta Lacks? Create a short paragraph describing who she is using her Wikipedia page.

After watching the first 10 minutes of the documentary, answer the following questions: 1. As of 2015, how old are Henrietta Lacks' cells? 2. What did the scientists feed the cells to keep them alive? 3. Why were they given the nickname HeLa Cells?

Using the above NPR article, read the excerpt and write a few sentences describing why we say that Henrietta Lacks is immortal. Also, why are scientist able to keep the cell line alive in culture using HeLa cells?

After looking through the above web page, create a paragraph in which you create an opinion as to if you believe that HeLa cells were taken outside of informed consent.

Explore the Henrietta Lacks Foundation Website, and find out what the purpose of the foundation is and also find out two other fun facts that you did not yet learn about HeLa cells.

Watch the first 10 minutes of the video below and answer the following questions? As of 2015, how old are Henrietta Lacks' cells? What were the cells fed to be kept alive


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