Harriet Tubman By victoria

Harriet Tubman was born in 1822 as a slave . She got beaten as a young child at 3 years old.

Harriet Tubman was a salve and escaped and went to underground in 1849 railroads to Philadelphia. She was 25 years old when she got married.

She help the slave to escape they went to the Underground Railroad to Philadelphia .

Harriet returned to get her family back so they escaped and went to Philadelphia in 1849 and after the fugitive slave act in1850 was pass to America to help guide her father.

When the civil war began, Harriet work for the union army as a cook and a nurse and armed scout and spy and she was the first woman to lead an armed experience in to the war and Harriet Tubman guided the attack at the Combahee Ferry which liberated more than 700 slaves After the war Harriet retired to the family home on property she had purchased in 1859.

Harriet Tubman on march 1813 she died her age is 90 to 91. Harriet Tubman died of old age.


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