Religions of the world ISLam

1. Islam- an abrahamic monotheistic religion that says there is only one God (allah) and that Muhammad is the last messanger of God.

2.followers of the religion are known as muslims. Over 1.7 billion followers. Most followers are in South Asia.

3. It began in 610 A.D when the prophet Muhammad claimed there was one God.

4. Muhammad the prophet claimed to receive revelation from the angle Gabriel.

5. Muhammad in Mecca preached to the people and the religion started spreading in the Arabian peninsula.

6. They believed in one God (allah). Basic beliefs are the five pillars of Islam. 1). The creed, 2). Daily prayers, 3). Alter giving, 4). Fasting, 5). Pilgrimage. The Quran presents them as a frame work for worship and a sign of commitment to faith. The Quran and sunnah of Muhammad described a comprehensive body of moral guide lines for muslims, they believe in a final judgement day.

7. Scared text holy books is the Quran.

Sacred place of worship: is called the mosques is not only a place of worship it's also a center for the Muslim community

9. Symbols: the Islamic symbol is a star and crescent, represents islam.

10. Festivals: are Eid Al -Fitr " festival of breaking the fast" and Eid A-Adha.

Facts :1. Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. 2."allah" is an Arabic world that means (God). 3. Muslims believe that God has revealed 99 of his names. 4. There are six articles of faith in Islam.

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