Good Life Performance Marco Guarente

The Spatial Experience

When I enter to the auditorium I felt small entering in the huge room with high ceilings, dark colors, many chairs. I was sitting in the third row so the location of my seat gives a very live view of the play giving me very great experience. When the lights when I felt very moved and excited for the play to begin. I was relly expecting a bigger auditorium but it have a great stage and the high ceiling really got my attention, I think that really contribute to my experience. The role of place means that location where you need to be a place where you feel comfort and happiness.
The Social Experience
I attend the performance with my two roommates and also teammates. Before the performance, I took a shower put some diced clothes went to get dinner. Attending with friends to play was great because we could explain each other part of the play we didn't understand. The role would be that doing things with other people you learn more stuff, different points of view and create bonding.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience
The central issue was social classes two guys coming from different economic families. I knew that social classes had a lot of difference and sometimes wealthy people don't know how is life with and the luxurious. The perforce clearly have the same point of view that me, when one the seminarian start writing about the life of the other. The subject matter doesn't have any relationship with my life
The Emotional Experience:
In Theatre always or most of the time play some about one negative effect of society so we can learn and change it. The Divine gave me and all the audience with a lot of knowledge about a different points of views, for example, different in social classes, hard work, family, religion, sacrifices, and much others.

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