Women's Rights Rock By. Kiersten Walker P.6

In the current time women have many rights that allowed them to characterize themselves as equal to men, but back in the Victorian era women were rejected a good job, education, marriage rights, and political rights.

Women's education was very limited in the Victorian Era due to the thought that women should't have jobs and didn't necessarily need an education.

  • The world lacked governesses and most people had little money to pay for them.
  • Many girls also didn't continue in school because their was no need to if they weren't going to work.
  • If women were to enjoy getting an education and were smart they were considered "blue stockings".
  • Many doctors said that it would turn women ugly and even damage their bodies.

Women in the 1800's had a little range of appropriate jobs due to the lack of needed education, so most stayed home, but the poor went to work.

  • Some lower class women did unskilled jobs and were applied in Domestic service.
  • Some lower class women had to work because their families needed money.
  • Middle class women usually stayed home to handle finances and servants.
  • In upper class families women didn't need to work because the men made most of the money.

For women, marriage meant that the men had all of the control and were bound to the relationship unless, there was an uncommon divorce which gave the wives hardly any rights.

  • Many young girls who didn't work just waited around until life began.
  • Women married fairly young because they needed someone to support them financially.
  • It was easier for men to divorce women than for the women to divorce men.

Women were refused various social and political rights that should've been seen as birth rights.

  • A special skirt was created as a new style for women, but it also limited their normal abilities.
  • Men had rights over women's property, children and money when they were bound into marriage.
  • Women were also rejected the right to vote and suitable jobs because of their limited education.
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Kiersten Walker


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