Game Design in cooperation with Beesecure and the service nationale de jeunesse

Chris Pinchen from BeeSecure and the SNJ approached Tanya and St├ęphane in January 2017 because he had been awarded a grant to develop a game, and he needed kids to be a part of the development process.

The LS ETC's decided to run it as a Wednesday lunchtime club and put out a call for volunteers. We don't want it to be a 'one off', so we used this experience to prototype the game design process which we hope to continue as part of our makerspace next year.

We called in another expert.

Mr Chris Hewett has a lot of game design expertise which he was happy to share. He joined the lunchtime club.

The big idea behind the game had to be 'how the internet works' specifically data security. Mr Pinchen did a couple of lessons with the whole group, including a field trip to the SNJ data centre.

Our guide explaining all of the hardware at the Service Nationale de Jeunesse Data Centre

Then everyone started designing and prototyping.

Today we have three very playable games ready for production.

Once we have one example the prototypes made, the SNJ will decide which one/s to mass produce (maybe all three).

We would like this production to happen locally instead of the possible cheaper version in China or elsewhere where we would not have control over the type of factory production, sustainability and fare trade rules.

Although this is funded externally it will have the ISL logo since our students created the games. How do we want to market this, celebrate this and encourage more local involvement in ISL?

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