Bridgeton Vine Inside the Bridgeton Covered Bridge

As you saw in my post yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed my long exposure photographing experience at the Bridgeton Covered Bridge in Bridgeton, Indiana.

Once I finished photographing the exterior, I was anxious to see what the inside of the bridge looked like. In the past when I have stepped into the inside of a covered bridge like the one at Bridgeton, Indiana, I am fascinated with the symmetrical lines of all the supporting structure as well as the shades and textures. This is certainly where I started yesterday, taking a number of photos like the one below.

While I found myself fascinated by all of the lines, shades, textures and symmetry inside the Bridgeton Covered Bridge, I quickly lost interest as this bridge which was a reproduction built in 2006 simply didn't have the nostalgia of some of the older covered bridges around this part of Indiana. For example, below is a photo I took of the West Union Bridge a few years ago.

As I turned around to exit the bridge, I saw this vine growing along the side of the bridge to my left. I normally wouldn't have noticed it at all. At the late hour in the afternoon, the golden sun was shining through one of the west window of the bridge and the leaves of the vine were basking in the bright sunshine, framed by the bright blue graffiti on the wall behind it. The shadows above and below the vine framed it in a unique way that grabbed my attention for more than a few minutes.

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Mike Hedge

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