Quesadillas cheesy goodness

Quesadillas are an amazing food to eat. Fresh tortillas are heated up and freshly grated cheese is melted on the tortillas and folded in half and then cut. Quesadillas are a Mexican originated food. If you have never had a quesadilla, please exit through the door, because you are crazy. Go try a quesadilla, you wont regret it!
Tortillas can be either corn or flour. Fresh flour tortillas are the best in my personal opinion. Handmade tortillas are usually made and pressed into very thin rounded flat tortillas! Corn tortillas can be made from white or yellow corn and are usually slightly thicker than flour tortillas.
Cheese is probably one of my favorite "foods" ever. I love cheese! The best cheese to use in quesadillas in a Mexican style blend or a block of cheese that you can freshly grate. If you choose to grate it from a block, it will melt easier and taste so much better. Its kind of like happiness in your mouth.
You can even add other things into you quesadilla! Chicken, Carne Asada, chorizo, etc. Adding extra flavor into your quesadilla is beyond amazing. I strongly recommend that if you want to try something new, to add something to your quesadilla. Its always good to try something new.
Thank you for reading everything I have to say bout quesadillas! They are good, addicting maybe, and they taste amazing. Definitely take the time to try one and add flavor to it!! Have a wonderful day!!


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