Life Of A Student Athlete By Chase Cokely

Introduction: describe how student athletes are committed to their sport, therefore they are athletes first and students second. Describe the life of a student athlete.

Thesis: Abilene Christian University student-athletes are failing to excel academically because they are not given the proper support or time to learn course material. Although many student advisors attempt to solve the problem by pointing them toward easier courses or majors, a better solution would be to build more awareness of the problem by providing student-athletes with academic coaching and better tutoring opportunities.

1st point: describe the attempted solution given by student advisors to take easier courses or majors and how it’s not really making a difference.

2nd point: describe how there needs to be more awareness of this problem and how student athletes want to do better in academics.

3rd point: describe my solution to provide academic coaching and better torturing to student athletes.

Call to action: Advise any student athletes in the classroom that are failing to excel academically to reach out to their advisors and coaches and encourage them to look into providing better tutoring opportunities or a class on how student athletes should manage their time effectively.


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