Surgical Finesse Fishing

Early morning could not arrive soon enough for an elegant lady determined to cast a line in the warm morning's first light...before the night's dew disappeared.

Golden light combined with patience soon delivered Dr. Kathy from the potential membership of the "bait and wait" group.
The first, eager fish swallowed her line baited with shrimp...
Soon Dr. Kathy's deft grip intimidated the young catfish she held above the deck as she prepared to extract the deep-swallowed hook....
The procedure is to grasp the fish firmly in the left hand protected by a cloth from the ravages of the upper fins on the quick-spdarting catfish who by this point must be confused by having swallowed the impaling hook in his search to devour the tasty morsel of shrimp.
"Now this will only hurt for a little while...."

Ah, the little swimmer sinks back into his warm, watery environment.

And the next prize emerges....
Like the bad boy on "Cops", finally this catfish submits to hook removal...even with shrimp intact!
There remain a myriad of the elusive edible fish under the big , blue sky!
Keeping it all in perspective, Dr. Kathy soon turns into all smiles as loved ones ring her on her wonderful morning

"Let me tell you about the one that got away...."

San Carlos, 2017


The preceding glideshow is a Shinnery Flats production.

Created By
Helen Ledgerwood

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