What an odd wasteland. An artistic journey of sorts....

Well... I am a Fine Art student currently most of my way through my HND. This is a bit of a page for ramblings, babblings, recording and bad craziness.

So what have I been doing recently! I have been trying to "cross the streams". I have been trying to cross my weird illustration with my recent photography work... and that's where the head comes in. I thought what would I doodle.... ah yes a severed head! So to amazon I fled for four days and four nights...

A couple of deliveries later I had a foam mans head, a wig, air drying clay and a old soviet radio operators gas mask... ow and plastic eye balls!

I used the air drying clay to make grime and painted it with oils and acrylic for different effects (the only time binge watching prop making vids has paid off).

Prop making videos taught me that when photographing or videoing items over paint! As allot will be lost because of cameras and lighting and all that good stuff! So that's why I went to town on muckying it up. I also wasn't fussed about what colours I used as I knew I would be shooting in black and white but I tried to keep them close to what I would do in an illustration.

A lil fun fact is that the nuke on the nose was actually leftovers from a older project and is actually a cast of a lino print that just happened to fit the nose vent.

What do I plan to shoot with?! I plan on using the big soviet brick pictured above as its quality is amazing if you have time for set up which I do as I am not dealing with live subjects. I also plan on using rollie retro 400s to shoot with. I do personally prefer something like ilford fp4 but I can get this keep and the college shop and I know I cannot go wrong with it.
Some from the shoot in the garden. the shot above is my favourite I love how the hairnet looks across the front of the mask. But I don't think I will use this one as a book cover idea as this is a effective image but I don't think would work as a cover. but we did also have a few issues! Captain we have a leak! I believe there is light leaking in from the section where you remove the dark slide. I believe this is fixable issue as the old kiev backs are a bit iffy and a bit of tape should fix the issue.
You can see the leak I bit more on this shot.
This differs from my original drawing and its hard to tell that the head is severed but I really like it. This is a cropped down image with the contrast slightly increased on photoshop along with the title adding. I might upload this onto Redbbuble to allow me to possibly sell a copy or two but also allow me to see it on a book and possibly buy one myself as a final piece if this ends up picked as a piece.

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