My Summer vacation An Adventure in Spain

In the summer of 2015, my family embarked on an amazing adventure. We went to Spain together as part of a trip with my brother’s high school soccer team. They only played three games and lost all of them badly, they were no match for the Spanish teenagers they played. The team wasn’t really bothered because the rest of our nine days in the beautiful country were spent sightseeing. We flew into Madrid, drove to Barcelona after a few days, and finished our trip in a small coastal town. We took detours along the way, including Segovia, where we saw a castle, cathedral, and an ancient aqueduct. We also took a cable car into the mountains to visit a monastery. These individual adventures came together to make the best vacation of my life.

The view from our plane into Madrid.

An unexpected greenhouse at a park in Madrid

A castle in Segovia...

Complete with a moat

A palace in Barcelona

The view from our cable car into the monastery

The monastery was truly built into the mountains

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