our city Comparing Colombian cities

At the moment we live in Bucaramanga, this city is very sunny and small but Barrancabermeja is hotter than Bucaramanga and Bogotá is colder and bigger than another city.


  • It is more profitable to live in Barrancabermeja than in Bucaramanga but it is much more expensive to live in Bogotá.
  • In Barrancabermeja passes the most important river of Colombia a difference of Bogotá and Bucaramanga.
  • Barrancabermeja is closer to Bucaramanga than Bogotá.


  • Bucaramanga is a epicenter city of tremors.
  • Women from Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja are much braver than those from Bogotá.
  • Bucaramanga has more parks than Bogotá, but Bogotá has many more places to visit than Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja.


  • Bogotá is the capital of Colombia
  • Bogotá is a much more polluted, dirty and populated city than Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja.
  • The traffic and transmilenio in Bogotá is heavier than in other cities.
In Barrancabermeja, Bogota and Bucaramanga, the diversity of typical foods abounds

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