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September 10, 2019

The National Safe Boating Council is dedicated to providing fun and safe recreational boating experiences. Thank you for your support in this shared mission! Read through Anchorline for a chance to win a case of youth activity books by correctly answering the challenge questions at the end (keep scrolling).

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You can’t turn off your inner boater. safeboatingcampaign.com #wearit

New Social Change Initiative from the Safe Boating Campaign: Wear It Out

The National Safe Boating Council has launched a social change marketing initiative to make life jacket wear a routine part of the behavior of boaters and others who spend time on the water. “Wear It Out” is part of the Safe Boating Campaign, an annual worldwide effort focused on responsible boating. It focuses on the idea that wearing a life jacket shows that you are a ‘real boater.’

“To change behavior, we must focus on connecting boaters, not convincing, and working toward building bonds and inspiring behavior change over the long term,” said Peg Phillips, executive director of the National Safe Boating Council. “Wear It Out takes a new approach to boating safety - it changes the intent of wearing a life jacket and shows boaters that it’s rewarding, expected, easy, and the norm.”

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Advanced Handheld Wireless Remote Controls for Boats

Dockmate® U.S., which offers advanced handheld wireless remote controls for boats, has joined the National Safe Boating Council’s Admiral Club. As the highest tier of NSBC membership, the Admiral Club is an exclusive group of supporters focused on helping the organization succeed in increasing safe boating practices.

“There is no greater cause in our industry than to support safer and more enjoyable boating,” said Brian Sheehan, Dockmate U.S. spokesperson. “Dockmate is designed to make low speed maneuvering and docking safer and stress-free. The goals of the NSBC aligns perfectly with our own. We are grateful for the vital work they do and are happy to support the organization’s ongoing mission.”

Dockmate® was developed by boaters who have spent more than 40 years enjoying their time on the water. During this time, they found, as most boaters do, that docking, particularly on a vessel with limited visibility from the helm, is often a very stressful and possibly even a dangerous experience.

Dockmate set out to develop a safety product that would eliminate this stress by simplifying docking, while providing a reliable, easy-to-install and use solution. The culmination of this development is the Dockmate wireless handheld remote control system, which offers the capability of controlling a boat’s engines, thrusters, anchor and horn - all from a small handheld device.

With Dockmate, boaters can walk away from their helm station to a safer vantage point where they can have better visibility and easily handle lines while docking. The company partnered with the NSBC to provide like-minded boaters the opportunity to embrace new technologies that remove the challenges of boat handling for a safer and more enjoyable time on the water.

Skipper Club™ teaches teens valuable on-water training and builds lifelong safe boating advocates. Learn how to become a provider. pphillips@safeboatingcouncil.org

Partnerships + Shared Goals

The National Safe Boating Council is a catalyst for recreational boating safety. Working in partnership with the recreational boating safety community, we support exploration and implementation of new and innovative ideas and seek continuous improvement in all efforts. The upcoming 2020 International Boating and Water Safety Summit to be held April 5-8, 2019 is an opportunity for key players in the recreational boating community around the world to share knowledge, network, and seek new opportunities.

Pictured left to right: Captain Scott Johnson (U.S. Coast Guard), Yvonne Pentz (NSBC), Peg Phillips (NSBC), Chris Stec (NSBC), Hiroshi Yamaoka (Maris Marine Sports Foundation)

Key to partnerships is balancing rewards, and with that in mind, our team joined the U.S. delegation to Tokyo, Japan to attend the Japan Boating and Water Safety Summit (JBWSS). Our recreational boating safety partners in Japan have committed to attendance at IBWSS for many years, and this was the first year for Americans to join the conversation in Japan. Led by U.S. Coast Guard's Captain Scott Johnson, our delegation shared a strong commitment to boating and water safety with our partners half-a-world away. The language barrier did not deter our success as both delegations offered shared resources, imagination, opportunity, and a validation and commitment to a partnership with one shared goal - saving lives. The bond between our international partners was strengthened, and our dreams for the future are even bigger!

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NSBC Chair Remarks from Chris Stec

From enhancing our partnerships with long time friends to cultivating new ones, the NSBC continues to serve as a catalyst for recreational boating safety. As my last year as board chair has come to a close, it has truly been a privilege to work with the staff, board, partner organizations, and volunteers of the NSBC on behalf of the recreational boating community. From those who have contributed so much in the past to those who continue to move the NSBC's mission forward today, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such a crucial organization for boating education, outreach, and training.

Pictured left to right: NSBC staff with NSBC board chair - Sandy Smith (Financial Officer), Yvonne Pentz (Communications Director), Chris Stec (Board Chair), Peg Phillips (Executive Director) and Diane Corish (Program Manager)

The year 2019 saw the NSBC in a position that can be described by 3 phrases: 1) enhanced on-water programming, 2) revitalized outreach materials and initiatives based on behavioral change marketing strategies, and 3) financial mid-term stability.

A highlight from this past year is the creation of the NSBC's Instruction Committee and their corresponding Operating Procedures and Instructor Policy Manual. These guiding documents will increase the NSBC's effectiveness at providing high-quality instructor training services to the recreational boating community. Another significant milestone are efforts of the board and staff to reallocate funds to secure the NSBC's mid-range financial stability.

And finally, after a 10-month process, with member input, the 2020-2024 NSBC Strategic Plan has been approved by the Board and Staff and will be voted upon for approval at the NSBC membership meeting in Alaska at the end of September. We are very excited about how this plan will not only guide the NSBC for the next five years, but also benefit the recreational boater.

Boat safe & boat often,

Christopher Stec

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary celebrated 80 years on June 23, 2019. cgaux.org

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Celebrates 80 Years

Congratulations, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary on celebrating your 80th anniversary! Since 1939 you have been ready, willing, and able to support U.S. Coast Guard missions while sharing your knowledge, experience, and resources with generations of Coast Guard shipmates.

Each year, the Coast Guard Auxiliary provides nearly 4 million hours operating 1,800 vessels, 160 aircraft, and 1,400 radio facilities helping to maintain a keen awareness of our expansive maritime domain. In 2018 alone, the Coast Guard Auxiliary conducted 542,000 vessel safety checks and marine dealer visits, delivered over 120,000 hours of boating safety instruction, logged nearly 15 million hours of support, saved over 600 lives, assisted over 17,000 boaters in distress, and prevented the loss of more than $94 million in property. We are so grateful to their 80 years of selfless service to our nation.

Register for #IBWSS20 and join others from around the world to explore Partnerships for Progress! IBWSS.org

#IBWSS20: Partnerships for Progress

Get ready, Arizona! Registration is open for the International Boating and Water Safety Summit, "Partnerships for Progress," from April 5-8, 2020 at the Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel & Spa. Join this global networking and education opportunity for professionals, volunteers, and anyone involved in boating and water safety. By working together, we can create a safer recreational boating and water experience.

We’re looking for thought-provoking, innovative and engaging sessions to support building partnerships and sharing knowledge within the recreational boating and water safety community. Do you have an innovative product, outreach program, or panel discussion idea? Consider applying to be an #IBWSS20 speaker. Sessions may take place in a conference room or on-the-water!

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Waves of Hope Award

Waves of Hope is a coalition of families and friends working together to prevent boating and water tragedies. Two young men, James Waldron and Anand Blum, received the annual Waves of Hope Award from the National Safe Boating Council's Executive Director Peg Phillips during the 31st annual Great Falls Race for their heroic rescue of a swimmer in the Potomac River near Great Falls in the fall of 2018.

Pictured left to right: Meredith Waters (American Canoe Association), Peg Phillips (NSBC), Anand Blum (Waves of Hope Award recipient), and Chuck Thornton (Great Falls Foundation)

The heroic rescue was captured on their GoPro cameras strapped to their safety helmets - showing the dangerous waters near a series of steep, jagged rocks. Both trained in swift-water rescue, they pulled the swimmer to safety with only seconds to spare before he was swept away into the rapids.

Fall boating is here! Find resources to support outreach efforts at safeboatingcampaign.com.

We're Making Waves

Our team is committed to advancing our shared mission of safe boating, exploring new partnerships and leading outreach opportunities. From the Japan Boating and Water Safety Summit to on-water training and from a Skype classroom Q&A with an elementary school to NACON, here's a snapshot of what our team was up to over the last few months. Click on a photo to enlarge.

(Left to right from top) May 26: NSBC’s Peg Phillips and NSBC Board Chair, Chris Stec, at a Stand Up Paddleboard instructor course. June 7: Captain Scott Johnson, Yvonne Pentz, and Peg Phillips having fun at JBWSS with other attendees. June 11: NSBC Instructor Trainers, Virgil Chambers and Pam Dillon, instructing the NSBC curriculum in Japan. July 5: Peg Phillips educating boaters about boating safety with the Washington DC Harbor Patrol. July 11: Peg Phillips and Diane Corish teaching kids about life jackets on Skype with a school in New York. August 2: Yvonne Pentz and her family attending a Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel show at the Larimer County Fair, CO. August 24: Captain Scott Johnson and esteemed members of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary at the Auxiliary National Convention in Orlando, FL.

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