Brian Cotter Zhang 095g r7

For the Medium/Technique portion I chose a piece that caught my eye as very detailed as I was making my way through the Asian section. This work made during the 13th Century in Tibet depicts Vajravarahi a female manifestation of Buddha. The words I immediately associated with the piece where skill and craftsmanship, for it truly had to be seen in person to be experienced in full. Seeing simply a picture of sculpture would not do it justice. In person you get the chance to see the details that went into even such an old artifact in amazing fashion.
The section of the museum itself I felt was very interesting was the shell sculptures in the African section. The exhibit was darkened as if to give the allusion it was dark out and then lit the pieces on display with dim purple light. It gave the exhibit a certain essence trying to stimulate more genuine feeling in the viewer through creating a setting enhancing the art itself.
Wandering around the museum there was one particular piece that I believe spoke to some of the values inside me I hold very dearly. This is the idea of retaining love an positive feelings even through hard times. In this picture from the project by Stephen Dupont the man is living in extremely poor conditions in Afghanistan. The flower he is holding represents the love and positivity still inside him despite the deteriorating conditions around him he still allows these feelings to shine through. This is an ideal I hold very close to me as I always try to do the same and believe I do a good job i doing so.
With this being the good life I did also choose another piece of art that relates back to the aspects taught through out the course. In this work by Lynsey Addario a Syrian refugee is seen in the middle of a barren desert wasteland full of only trash. This makes me think about my own path and the opportunities I've been presented with. It humbles you to see images like this and makes you think about how lucky you are to have the life you're are currently living knowing there are people aren't a fortunate as you. As i go on my own path of where life may take me I will think back knowing there are people like this out there and be thankful for how lucky I am.

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