Florida Museum of Natural History By Karan Aulakh


The natural museum as whole was very interesting, but I feel like the marine life exhibit really caught my attention. For one, the exhibit itself is designed in a very clever way and gives the explorer a feeling such that he/she is totally engulfed in the marine wildlife surrounding them. Everything from the lighting to the greater that life size statues of the marine life really caught my attention. This medium really caught my attention and intrigued me to learn more about the marine wildlife around me. It made me read everything in that section and learn a lot I didn't know before.
The natural museum really give me a new found respect for nature as I drowned in just how beautiful the natural world around us is. As we read in class, Leopard thinks the world is doomed if we don't respect the nature around us. I think because of this trip I do see nature the way he wants us to more than I just to before. I've expedience the beauty of nature and I want to make sure that I preserve this beauty for my kids and future generation. In a way this instilled a sense of ethical responsibility in me to protect nature for future generations.
The natural museum was a great experience and taught me a lot about nature, which is a subject I would never touch upon in my ordinary life as an engineer. As seen in this picture, I learned about the past of human nature which is a very insightful experience. Learning about the past of humans makes you think about your own life and how everything is so different now. It also made me think about who I would have been without all the technology and money I was born into. Rather who I am as a person deep down without any material posessions standing in my way.

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