tragedy, love By:Jocelyn Villarreal

Mason is a tall young male, skinny, light skinned, with brown eyes. He is known for his fast working skills on the internet. He values his care on other people and he tries his best keeping everyone safe.

During the summer, when all the children are out of school and are found everywhere on the internet, he found out that a 16 year old guy named Adrian, was stealing money from other people. He instantly knew that because at his younger age he would see his parents doing the exact same thing.

Mason first thought that Adrian would collect credit card numbers and hack into other peoples accounts; many people today do that so he jumped to a conclusion and thought it was that incident.

Mason found out who the boy’s parents were and contacted them the second day he found this weird information. The parents were confused the minute he said his first sentence.

Later on, they met at his local cafe and he showed them all the facts and records he had found. The parents didn’t know how and why Mason was looking at their personal information. He couldn’t explain how and why he was doing this.

The parents reported him for looking at their information without any permission and he was sent to jail. The parents still had access to the information he found but they saw something unusual.

Adrian was not doing anything wrong, It happened to be the person who was selling these $80 shoes to him was trying to get their number of access to the card.

Luckily, they had no more than $50 under that account. On the other hand, their son was not in any trouble, even though Mason had thought it was him. After a month later, Mason had been bailed out of jail, but he was fired from his investigator job.

In conclusion, Mason found a job in a bank and became very successful for several years. He learned how to interact with people and no longer had this problem. He met a lot of new people and he finally met someone he can spend the rest of his life with.

Working for 2 years in a bank, Mason learned how to talk to people. Specifically, he talked to a girl named Olivia. She was tall, light skinned, and had glasses.

After 3 ½ years of knowing each other they got married. She did though, have her own business at a restaurant. Mason decided to quit his job and help Olivia with her business.

One day, Mason put into use his investigator work and he realized that her equipment at work was not functioning correctly. She didn’t have enough money to purchase new items. Mason did have a solution, he thought that opening a store would be better for both of them.

They would be together all the time and it would give them the chance to make a lot more memories. This was not an easy thing to start with;they needed to figure out a way to get started and get all the materials they needed.

They got together with other businesses that Olivia had known from her past job. After 4 months, everything was working perfectly. They had a lot of people who wanted to purchase their items.

One of the most popular ones was their original cup they had both designed. It was huge and they could fit at least three different drinks inside. This cup store was successful, that they were interviewed on TV promoting their different and unique kind of cups.

After using Mason’s investigator past job and Olivia’s business job, all this had to come to an end. They had thought about shutting down the place but Olivia had a better idea.

She thought that the store was still going to be selling more items even if they weren’t there, so she thought of selling it to someone. It took a while to find someone who did care about the store and luckily they did.

Their business went on for many more years and they were able to be there to support their very own store. Mason and Olivia remained being together and finally made both of their dreams come true.,'s-business-attire/, https:/,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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