Living with Multiple Sclerosis Katie DietErich

Katie is currently 31 years old and is a mother of a two year old child, a wife of a loving husband, Timothy, and a daughter of a grateful mother. She was unfortunately diagnosed with multiple sclerosis soon after getting married when she was only 22 years old. Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body.
Being a newly wedded couple and learning just how to deal with marriage was hard ,but then also figuring out you have MS made everything more challenging. Before being diagnosed Katie felt numbness through her left hand to her elbow. She eventually went to their family doctor and they found classic symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Despite the symptoms the doctors thought it was possibly a pinched nerve from being overweight.
The numbness eventually went away and things were normal. Later that same year Katie experienced numbness throughout her entire left side of her body. During this time she could not see out of her left eye, feel any sensations in her muscles and could not hear in her left ear. MRI results and spinal tat portrayed MS as the leading cause of this flare up.
Rehabilitating after this miserable flare up was very difficult. Katie was put on many different medications including self injecting medicine. When she was originally diagnosed there was no real oral medication to treat MS but fortunately now there is. Katie did not have to experience any mandatory physical therapy but chose to live a more healthy life after her diagnoses.
Now Katie has an MRI done every six months and since then has never experienced any crucial symptoms of MS. She has not relapsed ever since then and her doctors believe that won't ever change. Three years ago her doctors finally were able to tell her she could try to have kids which is a very unlikely situation to have when living with MS. Katie currently takes oral medication and has an adorable little boy now. She does not experience any painful numbness now and her family is eternally grateful for her health.


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