RBP Beach Minis july 2020

Margate City | OCNJ | Stone Harbor | Wildwood

"Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away" - Sarah Kay

What kind of session do you offer?

Extended Family

for families with more than 6 members but no more than 17. Your session will include my services plus 40 minutes shooting time, and 35 high resolution digital images set at a location we can discuss together. It can be anywhere between Margate City and Wildwood, depending on where you are staying. Collections start at $425

Mini Family Session

For families with 6 members or less and/or families with little ones on a restricted time schedule. Your session will include my services plus 25 minutes of shooting time and 20 high resolution digital images set at a location we can discuss together. Collections start at $300

When will sessions be held?

July 2020

Sessions can be booked between July 20th and July 27th. Some dates may be held for specific locations depending on bookings. For instance, if we already have a session booked in OCNJ on Saturday July 25th for the evening, we will ONLY be in OCNJ that evening. We can schedule an early morning session at a different beach to accommodate!

August 2020

Sessions in August will be at a special request basis. Please contact me directly should you want a session at the beach but may not be available until August!

When can we book a session with you?

Booking opens June 17th! If you are not familiar with the booking process, we will have a special link on my webpage that will direct you to select the week that we'll be down and will pay a retainer fee of $100 to hold your spot. Once we get closer to the week, we will discuss the specific day during the week to schedule your session. Your remaining balance (less the $100 retainer) will be due the day of your session

Covid-19 procedures

We care very much about your safety (and ours!) Since we will be in open space, I just ask that you keep a safe distance from others. I will maintain 6 ft distancing while directing and when up close, I will wear a mask. I ask that you provide your own blankets to sit on to prevent the spread of any germs. Please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns on how to make your experience with me a positive one!

Tips and Tricks

Here are some things that I've found that will make your session run as smoothly as possible, amidst what feels like absolute chaos. (I have kiddos, I completely understand!)

  • Set very low expectations! The second your kiddos see the water and sand, they may not want to sit still long enough for a session - set low expectations for them, I will be sure to use my expertise and. grab their attention to get some giggles!
  • Dont be afraid to use this time to 'play'! While we want that quintessential posed photo of every single family member grinning from ear to ear, sometimes we have to play a little to grab those special moments! I will do my best have family members interactive with one another as well as direct them in a way to get that picture perfect photo!
  • Lighting at the beach is much softer when the sun is closer to the horizon. Meaning, early in the morning between 7:30am-9am and later in the evening between 7:00pm-8:30pm. While I understand this may not be the best schedule for little ones, ultimately these time frames is what will give you that soft light! Any time in between can absolutely work, but please keep in mind the sun will be harsh and will be challenging to work around!
  • If you prefer small crowds (which might be best because of Covid-19), the above time frame will be best as well! 7:30am-9am and 7:00pm-8:30pm
  • If you've scheduled an 'extended family' session - It's best to have a general list of photo combos ready before we start shooting. This will surely help your session go as quickly as possible!
  • Not sure what to wear in your photos? The best color combo's that work really well. with my editing style is: white/light pastels, Navy, khaki's (for the boys), muted colors such as mustards/mauve's/plums, and sage greens. Some colors to stay away from are vibrant pinks, reds, and any neon colors. You definitely don't need to have every single family member wearing the same color either! Keep it simple, but add some pops of pinks or pops of navy!

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