SlaughterhouseFive MadIson & Kassady

Vonneguts demonstrates losing his wife in reality but then gets a new wife in Tralfamadore

Human Reinvention

"While Billy was recuperating in a hospital in Vermont, his wife died accidentally of carbon-monoxide poisoning," (Vonnegut 25). "He proposed a toast to Billy and Valencia, whose anniviersary it was," (Vonnegut 172).

Billy becomes unstuck in time and starts jumping around to random moments in his life without warning. Billy would get unstuck in time to go somewhere better other than the war.


Instead of being in the war Billy would rather be in his own little world, which he refers to being "unstuck in time". He didn't want to face the fact that he was in war "From there he traveled in time to 1965. He was forty- one years old and he was visiting his decrepit mother at pine knoll, an old people's home he had put her in only a month before," (Vonnegut 44).

The golden Boots and the German boy

Institutionalized religion

When the Germans came and took Billy and Weary, Billy noticed corporals boots and refers them back to the bible by "Billy stared into the patina of the corporal's boots, saw Adam and Eve in the golden depth," (Vonnegut 53). But Billy also compares the little German boy to a biblical reference, " The boy was as beautiful as Eve," (Vonnegut 53).

Moving forward quote

Institutionalized religion

This quote on page 60 that Vonnegut stated, is a very powerful and in courage quote that is common. But this quote means more to Billy, simply because it is hanging on his wall in his office and it also appears on his new wife's necklace in Tralfamadore, and it encourages him to move forward.

Train ride

"Billy Pilgrim was packed into a boxcar with many other privates," (Vonnegut 67). This simply demonstrates that the Germans didn't care about the prisoners comfort, or anything. They packed them into a small cart and since all of them couldn't fit several would alternate and switch to standing up and sitting down.

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