On June 16, 2018, more than 450 women gathered for the first Women’s Leadership Symposium.

Building on the enthusiastic response from attendees, we are bringing back this extraordinary event on July 11, 2020.

The first daylong event was a new collaboration between the alumni associations of The Ohio State University and Ohio University, one that unfolded after years of discussion and months of planning.

We knew our audience was interested. Our symposium was taking place at a critical time for women’s rights, and our attendees arrived with an enthusiasm that had the Ohio Union buzzing.

But we couldn’t have predicted how this day would go.

It was, in a word, inspiring.

And here’s what our attendees had to say...

Loved hearing strong, powerful Buckeye women give advice, share their issues, and work through solutions together.

I was blown away by the spirit of the event, the quality of the venue, food and especially the slate of speakers. All for a good ticket price, one that young alumni could afford. I walked out feeling reconnected and energized. Well done Ohio State/OU! Please bring this back every year :)

The speakers were inspiring with specific takeaways. I also made a lot of new contacts. I hope you do it again next year!

Value for the money. Well organized. Great speakers. Classy venue. Nice to be doing something for my personal and professional development that was affordable. Got to go with my daughter. All good!

The Women’s Leadership Symposium was the type of event to showcase how women can support each other, especially in this climate, and I think everyone can learn something from this event.

To presenter Marilyn Bury Rice: I am writing to personally thank you for the very helpful presentation on salary negotiation that I attended on Saturday at the Women’s Leadership Symposium. I talked with you after the session and said I was a finalist for a position that I might have the opportunity to negotiate salary on in the near future. Well, I received an offer on Monday. I wanted to let you know that without the session and personal advice after the session, I would have never had enough courage to negotiate my salary. With the skills you taught during your session and the personal interaction after the session, I was successful in acquiring a substantial addition to the original offer.

Thank you so much for taking the time to not only present, but to answer questions and interact with attendees after the session.


I never attended an all-girls school growing up, and I remember thinking that was a good thing — because in the professional world I’d be encountering women AND men. I believed surrounding myself in an all-women environment was unrealistic to the daily activities I’d face as a professional. Boy, was I wrong!

The Women’s Leadership Symposium uncovered a new reality for me — that each day we encounter fellow women facing the same unspoken challenges, and we don’t often speak up about them. The Women’s Leadership Symposium brought Bobcats and Buckeyes together to unearth these realities in each of us, and bring them into the limelight and reveal that we are not alone.

As I came into work on Monday, again in an environment of both women and men, I realized the reality is there, in each of my female co-workers. And though our mutual challenges, we are stronger.

This event was very organized and seemed to flow without effort. I am sure that there was a lot that went into the coordination and planning, but to an attendee it was seamless. I was very proud to be an Ohio State alum. Forty years ago when I graduated, I told people Ohio State does big better than anyone, and that is still true.

The attention to detail was AMAZING!

The event was so well-run. It was advertised well in advance, and a few days prior to the event we received all the important information we needed, i.e. where to park, what the schedule of the day would be, etc. Not only will I recommend that others attend, I would attend this event again myself.

This was an amazing day and I hope this becomes an annual event.

This symposium was fabulous! The speakers and content were amazing, and I wished I had more time and could see every breakout session. It was so hard to pick just one for each session! For the price of only $30, it was an incredible value and a wonderful day. I would definitely attend again and would encourage others to join me.

Every detail was thought of. No expense was skimped. Very impressive.