Beatriz Warnes Kempa summer workshop

Our first day included creating a video about Bastille Days!

My name is Beatriz Warnes and this summer I made the decision to go to KEMPA Summer Journalism Workshop at Marquette in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I go to Antioch Community High School and our school publication is the Tom Tom. I knew I had to become more familiar with publishing a magazine if I wanted to succeed, so I came to KEMPA. I’m here to learn more about the field I want to go into and how to better my current skills. When going into my sophomore year of high school, I want to be able to be ahead of the curve and have ideas to share with and teach my peers.

My Spark Post was a great way to show my personality and teach me new skills when it comes to photo editing and taking.


Cudahy hall was apart of our tour of Marquette.

Some photos from said tour:

“and I also learned”

Thank you for joining me on my trip through KEMPA! Maybe you’ll catch another one next year...

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