What food is Good? food

Good food is healthy food, food made with care and time. You must have both because with out care you waste time. Without time you cant have care.
Genetically modify chickens grow fast and fatter. This is not proper way to have chickens grow as a result the chicken can barely stand and have to lay in their own fecal matter.
Look as most of the chicken are sitting due to over weight and cramp spaces.
notice how all of the chicken are standing and walking and not even as close to each other as the other chickens.
look at the over grown utters on the cows in the dairy farm does not seem to be healthy.
All of the cows have their heads locked in place unable to move.
Cow on steroids.
This is healthy cow with no over size utter or rippling muscle.
In conclusion, don't mess with food so much

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