Pink Packet Supplies Setting yourself up for success.

Hey friends! I'm Stephanie! I love to make pretty sample & pink packets (spoiler alert: they're pretty much the same thing)! I'm here to help you get set up for success!

Pink packets should be something that you can send easily and quickly. I like to have several bubble mailers set up and ready to go so I can grab and mail. I have two different options that will give you a price point you can stay within.

Here is a YouTube video I did for the VO to help everyone get started. This quickly breaks down BOTH sample options:

Let's call this my "fancy" sample pack.

Sample Pack Option #1

Ok this sample pack really isn't ALL that fancy, but there is definitely time and effort put into them. I make the card in the back and personalize it with the recipients name. Even if you send the SAME sample pack to each person, make them feel like this was picked out just for them! BUT please keep in mind, if your goal is to make a bunch at once, skip the name and just go with it. These cards are made in Picmonkey, but you could easily use Canva or something similar. I print them on cardstock and cut to size. Here are the supplies that I used:

I will preface this with you don't NEED this heat sealer but I can promise you that, in one use, it changed my sample making game. I'm OBSESSED with it and I can whip out tons of samples in no time, and they seal perfectly EVERY TIME.

I use the bubble mailers from the portal but amazon has great ones as well! Here are some of my faves:

If you use a Dymo, here are some of my fave labels:

My cost effective and EASY way to ship

Now let's talk easy AND cheap!

I love to send these inexpensive sample packs out ALL THE TIME! They are around $.65 to mail (maybe slightly more with postage increase) and I can whip out so many in a very short time! Here is a video I did on HOW I do these!

Here are the supplies that I use:

There are TONS of options for scrapbook paper. I like these because they come in a pad so they all stay together. I also have found Tuesday Morning (if you have one near you) has a great selection.

You don't NEED a paper cutter, but I love mine. My husband got it for me for Christmas one year and I use it almost every day!

If you have a Dymo, these are great labels to use for this. If not, you can buy Amazon basics labels and print on your printer.

I use the same cellophane and heat seal packets as above!

I designed these in Picmonkey and had them printed through Vistaprint. Watch the video linked above to see how I put these all together. IF you don't have the desire to design your own, you can easily just use two pieces of scrapbook paper to sandwich the samples.

I promise this is easy to duplicate ! If you don't want to get fancy, THAT IS OK! You do you! Get those $.65 sample packs (along with a graphic of the kit) OUT. YOUR. DOOR! Set a goal to get at least 5 out per week! You can do it!

The lovely Shanae made this graphic and it's easy peasy to print and go!
Now, you've put in all that work and sent out ALL the Pink Packets! You MUST FOLLOW UP! You are doing a service for your recipient by following up! Click the link below to see how I follow up with people and the verbiage that I use!