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... and a great way to create new gorgeous outdoor family portraits. This year, again, I have found some new places, full of autumn colours and leaves. That, combined with my amazing autumn props, will make our sessions extra special and fun! I have also prepared this leaflet with some useful tips regarding the sessions, so please read through as it might answer many WHAT/IF/WHERE questions you might have, and make our photo session run more smoothly.

  • THE SESSION/WHAT IS INCLUDED? Autumn mini is an outdoor family photo session in parks or woods. It's about 20 minutes long and for the price of £80 you will get 7 high-res and professionally edited digital photos of your choice. You can even download them from an online personal gallery without expiration date, for free.
  • WHERE DO WE MEET? You will be informed of our exact meeting point on the day of the photo shoot. I always tend to scout the park one more time in the morning, for the best autumn scenery or any possible work/event that might be in the way of our session, and let you know where to meet me.
  • BUT WHAT IF IT RAINS? It's in our best interest that you and your family are relaxed and comfortable, however, it's really hard to achieve this if the weather is on the way and we can't do anything to change that. Therefore, if the weather forecast looks really bad, with heavy rain prediction, another day will be scheduled for our sessions. I have some backup dates reserved just for these occasions, should we need them. Also, sometimes the weather prediction is just fine but still we get some unexpected showers. Again in such case the session will be rescheduled. But bare in mind some clouds and a bit of cold doesn't cancel the session, it just gives us excuse to wear accessories to make the photos even better.
  • WHAT IF I AM LATE? Autumn minis are scheduled sessions, which means I have more sessions in one day, closely one after another so it is very important you are on time. Please aim to be at our meeting point sooner, rather than later. If you are in a rush, children sense that and it makes it harder for them to loosen up and enjoy the session. I understand, though, specially with children, that sometimes no matter how hard you try it happens you are late. In that case please let me know as soon as you realize you won't make it in time. Should you be late, you might have to wait for me to clear the current session(s) in a row.
  • MY LITTLE GOT ILL, WHAT NOW? - now that's a shame and something you can't predict. Again, let me know as soon as possible and we'll arrange the session to be rescheduled after he or she gets better.

Autumn photo session is about fun and spending quality family time together, well, and about creating new beautiful memories that you will cherish forever right? So, the journey starts here - how to prepare and dress yourself and your family for an autumn family photo session in nature (woods, parks, etc.).

But let's face it - it's a million dollar question for many parents, especially mommies (no offence daddies). And you are right! After all, you don't get to have a photo session every day and you want to make sure you are dressed just right; or even perfect!

Sometimes the light is just perfect, the pose is great, and we even get the perfect smile from your little ones, but still, something is missing for the final touch. A little dress up adds something to the photo that makes it even more special - it's a cherry on top. However, with that in mind, try to make sure the clothes you wear are as comfortable as they are pretty, so we can have lots of fun running around and jumping high in the air. Here are 3 basic "rules" to help you choose just the right outfit for the day.


Don't dress yourself or your kids into a style that you do not own or enjoy in it. It's not all about being beautiful but rather feeling beautiful! If you love jeans and jumpers and your kids can't leave home without favourite hat, then wear them and enjoy in them.

Please don't forget to take weather into consideration as well. Make sure you and your little ones feel warm and cozy. You might found a perfect dress for your little girl, the one that makes her look super cute, or the coolest t-shirt for your boy, but if they are cold in the clothes they are wearing, instead of lots of smiles and "cheeeeees-ees" all they will give us is a grumpy face and "I want to go home" wishes. On top of that, you might end up going home with snotty noses and nasty cough and that is certainly not the memory you wish to have from your photo shoot.


Choose a colour palette and try to stick to it. You can all wear jeans or combine with similar colour palette of blue tones and mix it with cream. Or you can use red and yellow tones combined in a chosen palette, however, make sure you are not wearing screaming colours.

Chunky kits, layers and patterns look absolutely awesome in autumn scenery and don't forget to use the hats, scarves, gloves, etc. The more coordinated you are, more amazing photos will be.

An advice I give to all families - dress yourself a few days before the session and step in front of the mirror (or ask a friend to take photo of you). If you miss a piece, you still have time to buy it.


Autumn scenery is just the most perfect background you can ask for, with trees bringing us a variety of warm colours. It is very important, though, to take that into consideration and plan your outfit colours wisely. Pallets of denim/creams/greys or oranges/mustards and plums look amazing in autumn . Choose a base colour (e.g. cream) and accent colour (e.g. mustard or red). Combine this with patterns on clothing and add scarf or hat and you have won already!

WHAT TO AVOID (and not to wear)
  • vivid unnatural bright colours ( florescent, bright/strong green, etc.) as they will draw the attention, instead of you and the autumn.
  • pink colours as they clash with autumn pallet a lot!
  • clothing with large logos and letters - they will distract and take away the main focus of the photo
  • When selecting the pattern - don't overdo it as it can look really nice or not, if it's too much
  • While black is a very popular colour, it's a little dull in autumn scenery, so try to avoid it
  • Don't dress the whole family into same colour (e.g. all in white or the whole family in red). It will take a way the focus and play with the camera and exposure.

Feel comfortable in everything you wear so that you will have fun and enjoy. The session is fun, relaxed and the end result will end up on your walls, frames or albums. So thinking about the dressing is worth the effort!

  • M: 07575 567644 (WhatsApp & Viber as well)
  • E: photo@gorgeous-moments.co.uk
  • W: www.gorgeous-moments.co.uk

Any of the above methods will work and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible (mostly straight away - if not on the photo session. You can also find lots of information about mini autumn outdoor session and enquiry/booking at the link below.


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