The Great Depression Also known as the dirty thirty's

The Great Depression was the biggest and longest economic crises in the history of United States. It started in October 29, 1929 because of a stock market crash. The Great Depression ended because in World War 2, because 12 million Americans were sent into the military to fight in World War 2.

The first day of the stock market crash that caused the great depression was called Black Tuesday. It was called "Black Tuesday" because nobody knew what was happening to the stocks, so everyone started to sell all of their stocks which lead to the stock market crash.

Because of the Great Depression, crime rates soared, people were migrating to other places, children stopped going to school, unemployment affected 13-15 million americans, marriages were delayed until the male could support a family, divorce rates dropped, men ran away from there marriages, suicide rates rose, and healthcare was not a priority for most people as a visit to the doctor only occurred in life or death situations.

People found many ways to manage what they needed verses how much much it cost, such as bartering. People that lived through the great depression say that they would barter or trade often to get what they needed. People would also get multiple jobs to help cover what they lost during the stock market crash.

The New Deal is an agreement signed by President Franklin D Roosevelt that states that the government would start to intervene more in people's lives, which in turn started unemployment insurance, social aid, and giving people jobs.

The story of Wanda Bridgforth. Wanda's father could not get a job, so her mother started to work as a domestic worker. Her parents could not support her so she was sent to live with relatives. She says that going through the great depression has made her a pack rat, because she now believes that she can use everything and hoards it.

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