LGBT Rights Summar Johnson

Much like African American Civil Rights, the LGBT community has been battling for their rights for years. The first gay rights movement took place in 1965 at a Dewey's Restaurant in Philadelphia. Similar to many African American rights movements, it was a sit in.The goal of their acts was to turn the public's attention to the discrimination they face and gain service from those who deny it to gays.
After the manager of the restaurant began to deny service to those exhibiting improper behavior and homosexuals, over 150 people were denied service. On April 25, 1965, two teenage boys and one girl refused to leave the premises when they were denied service. The group of teens, a gay rights leader, and an LGBT magazine editor were all arrested and found guilty for disorderly conduct.
Many obstacles were faced when conducting the sit in and the ones to come. Many people were discriminated against, further press for denial of service came from stubborn store owners and managers and more people were arrested.
By these three teens taking a stand and initiating an out cry from LGBT supporters, more attention was drawn to support the community. A second sit was initiated by three other people just 7 days after the first. The police showed up, but deemed them fit to stay and left the scene. Eventually the managers gave in and negotiated with the group of three.
Today the LGBT community has grown and with it so has it's acceptance; however, there are still many hate crimes as LGBT people continue to fight for their rights. When compared to the African American Civil Rights movements many similarities can be viewed. One tactic that both used to fight for their rights is sit ins. Both parties stayed in a restaurant until they were either served or arrested.


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