México Opportunity Guide

Hello and welcome to Plexus Worldwide México!

From day one, our mission at Plexus has been to enhance the lives of those around us. That mission has propelled us forward, motivating and inspiring everything we do, from developing new products to expanding opportunities.

Our Research and Development Team works tirelessly to stay on the cutting-edge of product and technological innovation. Our efforts have resulted in revolutionary products that adapt to meet the daily needs of you and your family.

But Plexus is more than advanced products; it’s also game-changing opportunity. The only thing better than achieving your goals is helping others to do so as well. With our expansion in to México, we are one step closer to extending our support and opportunities worldwide, and we are excited to welcome you to the One Plexus Family!

When we work together, the future looks even brighter.

From the One Plexus Family,

Tarl Robinson - CEO

Pre-Enrollment FAQs

Q: What is the pre-enrollment period?

A: The pre-enrollment period allows any resident of México who has a México address to compliantly pre-enroll by purchasing the Plexus Annual Membership and securing a place in their sponsor’s team tree prior to the México market’s official opening Spring 2020.

Q: What are the options for pre-enrollment with Plexus?

A: When México officially launches Spring 2020, there will be 3 options for joining, which are:

  • Retail Customer - Retail Customers purchase their product at retail price through the Plexus website. Retail Customer orders count towards their upline Ambassador’s commissions for the month their order is placed.
  • Preferred Customer - Preferred Customers (PC) receive a discounted price on their product as long as they have a monthly Subscription in place. Preferred Customer orders count towards their upline Ambassador’s commissions for the month the order is placed.
  • Ambassador - These are the customers who have decided to sell the product. They are eligible to start earning commissions from those sales. They have their own website to direct their customers to.

The pre-enrollment period is open to only those interested in joining as an Ambassador, allowing them a chance to secure their spot in their sponsor’s tree and begin to pre-enroll others.

Q: What payment method(s) are available for someone who wants to pre-enroll?

A: Credit Card and Debit Card. During the pre-enrollment period Visa and Master Card will be accepted. When México off­icially launches, cash payments through Oxxo, HyperWallet, and PayPal will also be available options.

Q: What is the renewal date of a pre-enrollee’s Plexus Annual Membership?

A: When Plexus officially launches in México, the renewal date will be the day in which the pre-enrollee initially logs on and accepts the Terms and Conditions.

Q: When does a pre-enrollee accept Terms and Conditions?

A: When México officially launches Spring 2020, Ambassadors will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions upon their initial log-in.

Q: How does someone sign up for pre-enrollment?

A: The pre-enrollee will need to visit plexusworldwide.cvent.com/preregistromx to complete their pre-enrollment sign up. The cost will be $39.95 USD ($900 MXN after IVA) which pays for their Plexus Annual Membership.

Q: Can a pre-enrollee place a product order?

A: No, products are not available for purchase during the pre-enrollment period. When the México market officially opens Spring 2020, pre-enrollees will have the opportunity to place a Welcome Pack order.

Q: Can a pre-enrollee earn commissions?

A: No, commissions will not be earned until the market officially launches Spring 2020. However, exciting pre-enrollment incentives will be announced over the next few weeks to reward pre-enrollment efforts.

Q: Will a pre-enrollee have access to a Virtual Office to log-in?

A: No, there will be no access to the Virtual Office until México officially launches. Until this time, pre-enrollees will not be able to view their organizational tree.

Q: Will a pre-enrollee receive a Plexus ID upon sign up?

A: No, a pre-enrollee will not receive a Plexus ID upon sign up, however a Plexus ID will be sent closer to the official México launch, Spring 2020.

Earning Overview

Product Overview

At Plexus, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide exceptional products led by innovation, comprised of high-quality ingredients, and backed by science. Our seasoned Research and Development team is made up of 9 skilled staff members, 2 of which have PhDs, and together they bring over 100 years of combined experience to Plexus. In addition, Plexus has a Scientific Advisory Board with world-renowned experts that provide invaluable insights to the R&D team, further empowering Plexus to deliver unmatched, advanced products.

Coming Spring 2020, México will launch with 7 products.

Pathways for purchase:

  • Welcome Packs- a one-time only deal available to Ambassadors for their first purchase
  • Combos- offering a discount to Ambassadors, Preferred Customers, and Retail Customers for bundling products together
  • Individual Product Purchase- allowing you the flexibility to order products as needed

Stay tuned for more product details to come over the next several weeks.


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Targeted support day in and day out

ProBioFit is a supplement that complements your traditional diet by providing an exclusive blend of probiotics, enzymes, and herbal ingredients.

Benefits & Features

  • Provides nutrients from herbal ingredients alongside probiotics and enzymes
  • Contains 7 probiotic strains
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Overall nutrition is more than what you eat. Complement your dietary intake with VitalCleanse, an innovative supplement that is sure the be a perfect addition to your daily routine.

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SLM HC is a drink mix that provides nutrients that complement your daily diet while being packed with the sweet citrusy taste of lemon, lime, and blood orange.

Benefits & Features

  • Source of Chromium
  • Naturally occurring caffeine from Green Coffee Bean Extract and Green Tea Leaf Extract
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**Added color from natural sources

Svelte Whey Essential™

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Svelte Whey Essential is a convenient and delicious whey protein shake designed to help enrich your daily routine with two delicious flavors: Chocolate or Vanilla. Shake away cravings when you need it.

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Active E-Mix

Support your busy lifestyle

Active E-Mix is a refreshing peach-mango flavored beverage that not only tastes great, but also provides nutrients to support you through your busy day.

Benefits & Features

  • Contains L-Theanine, N-Acetyl Tyrosine, and S7™, a plant-based nutrient blend
  • 33 calories per serving
  • 5 g of sugar per serving
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**Added color from natural sources


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Té3 is an exclusive and refreshing herbal tea mix that entices the senses with the complex aromas of three tea varieties, plus juicy lemon and warming ginger that provide a morning pick me up or afternoon boost.

Benefits & Features

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Resource Overview

René Huerta

General Manager of México

With more than 20 years of experience in the Network Industry, Rene Huerta has an Industrial Psychology degree and is a certified executive coach. He has a wide variety of experience in Mexico and Internationally in areas of Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Events and Communications.

Rene is known for developing strong personal and business relationships, which is a result of his efforts to produce positive results that contribute to the overall business operation as well as the people who are a part of this great industry and make it their lifestyle.

Rene understands the importance of forming effective, high impact teams. Through his career, he has concentrated on developing a work culture based on the highest standards, with commitment and focus on demonstrating a professional performance that is recognized internationally.

He is enthusiastic, self-motivated, charismatic, committed. He inspires and encourages others through his actions and results.

Rene understands that continued education, training and coaching, and being open to innovation are key factors needed to compete and evolve in today’s industry and market.

He is bilingual in Spanish and English. Rene is happily married and a father to 4 children, who are also bilingual in Spanish and English, as they had opportunity to attend school in the US when Rene was working with US companies. Rene has received training from many well-known and respected leaders, including Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Tony Jeary, Amanda Gore and John C. Maxwell.

Ricardo Márquez

Operations Manager

Ghibrán Villa

Marketing Specialist

Eduardo Sánchez

Marketing Coordinator

Marilyn Valdepeña

Admin Assistant

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Other FAQs

Compensation Plan

Q: What currency are Ambassadors paid out in?

A: Plexus pays out commissions in USD globally. All earnings/amounts in USD will be paid in Pesos (MXN) according to the Plexus Foreign Exchange Rate Policy found in the Plexus México Policies and Procedures.

Q: What is the exchange rate that will be used in México?

A: As of January 1, 2020 the U.S. exchange rate is 19.5000 MXN. It is subject to change in accordance with the Plexus Foreign Exchange Rate Policy.

Q: What time zone does México follow for end of the month commission cycles?

A: México will align with the US for the end of month commission cycles. (closes @ 11:59 PM ET)

Q: How can I earn money with Plexus?

A: Through the Plexus Compensation Plan, commissions are earned in the following ways: 1. Retail Rewards Commissions 2. Retail Rewards Override 3. Preferred Customer Bonus 4. One-Time Achievement Bonus 5. Business Building Bonuses (BBB) 6. Plexus Points 7. Emerald Pool Bonus 8. Sapphire Pool Bonus 9. Diamond Pool Bonus 10. Diamond Re-Entry Position

Local Office

Q: Where will the México local office be located?

A: Guadalajara, Jalisco

Q: Who is the General Manager of México?

A: Rene Huerta- Rene.Huerta@plexusworldwide.com


Q: What products will be available in México when the market opens? Will they be different than the US products?

A: When Plexus opens in México, 7 products will be available including some of Plexus’ most popular global products and some market specific products. The globally shared products will deliver similar benefits, but specific formulas and ingredients may differ for each market. Plexus is committed to delivering effective formulas for each country that also meet their specific country regulations. Plexus product development standards remain consistent across all markets, and the company is committed to delivering high-quality, safe, and efficacious formulas.


Q: Will México have any promotions when they launch?

A: Yes, as part of the launch of Plexus in México, Plexus will be offering special incentives and promotions to help our new Ambassadors in México share the Plexus opportunity!


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