Since October 8th three inspiring photographers from Europe – Nathalie Geffroy, Rich McCor and Thomas Kakareko - are on an unique adventure: #RoadToMAX17!

A creative road trip through the western part of the USA with the aim to “Challenge Your Perspective”: Through their unique expression of what they’re seeing and experiencing on the trip, the artists will inspire you and challenge your view on the world. Discover in this travel diary, what they are experiencing on their trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

They’ll also learn from each other, experimenting creatively with different styles and trying out new workflows and products. Together they will work exclusively with the latest Creative Cloud photo tools, which will be unveiled to the public at a later date during Adobe MAX 2017.

Oh! And if you wanna try the Creative Cloud mobile apps like Lightroom mobile, Capture CC and more by your own...


But wait. Before we get into detail – make sure to check out…

Rich’s official Instagram account, with a very unique style & he is constantly keeping you up to date on our trip via Instagram Stories…

Nathalie’s official Instagram account, dream away & almost feel like you’re right here with us by getting lost in her beautiful shots…

Thomas‘ official Instagram account, who’s really challenging his perspectives & who's also been busy capturing unique moments of #RoadToMAX17 through his Instagram Stories…

Sven Doelle's official Instagram account, keeping you up to date with beautiful & warm images throughout our trip…

Sven is our Adobe Creative Cloud photo tool specialist on the trip. He will bring Rich, Nathalie and Thomas closer to the very latest features and tools of Creative Cloud photo tools - which will be announced to the public soon at Adobe MAX.

Richard Thompson III aka RTIII’s official Instagram account, focussing on the beauty of the nature combined with the beauty of the cars we are driving…again, a HUGE "Thank You" to our friends at Mercedes-Benz!




Venice Beach

Sunshine, beachwalks, music & talented people: Venice Beach is world famous for it’s unique, hip cultural scene. On our first day in LA, we went there and enjoyed the amazing ambience – can there be a better way to say „Hi“ to Los Angeles?

Redondo Beach

A 45 minute drive down south of the coast lays Redondo Beach. Together with the closeby Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach, it forms the triumvirate „Beach Cities“. A warm and quite Sunday here can be spent fishing, laying by the beach, enjoying some of the great food right by the waterside – or simply taking in the scenic view!

Angeles Crest Highway

Our first sunrise in Los Angeles, something we’ve all been looking forward to – and what a spot to catch it! 66 curvy and hilly miles over the San Gabriel Mountains, it’s quite a way to get there from downtown LA – but this street has EVERYTHING to offer a photographer dreams about. We really got up early to set up shots and be ready for sunrise – and we got what we came for!

It's pretty hard to fathom the fact that within 2 or 3 months, there will probably be so much snow up here that these roads will have to be closed over winter. We will certainly never forget this sunrise & our drive up (and down) San Gabriel Mountains.

Are you wondering how this photo was created? Through the magic eyes of RVTIII and with the editing power of...

Art District & Downtown Los Angeles

Especially Rich was looking forward to the rich urban art culture & uniquely designed architecture some of the parts of Downtown Los Angeles have to offer.

The art district is full of young and energetic businesses, as well as the aforementioned Graffitis everywhere.

A spot Rich had to get to was the Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by Frank Gehry. It’s the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center and has a special feel to it with the stainless steel skin on the outside of the uniquely shaped building.

Santa Monica Pier

One of the most famous landmarks in Los Angeles, Santa Monica Pier is always worth a visit! Situated on the way out to Malibu right by the coast, the Pier is almost always packed with people enjoying the sun – and all the entertainment and excitement going on around them.

In some unique moments, it’s also a place where you can quietly enjoy the endless horizon…

...or the sheer beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

Capturing this awesome sunrise & recording our Facebook Live capped off our time in Los Angeles!

We are headed over towards the dessert now in our beautiful cars that were gently provided to us by Mercedes-Benz…a HUGE Thank You for that! We absolutely love the cars! :)

Palm Springs and the unique surrounding nature is next, before we make our way to Joshua Tree National Park, Phoenix and then continue to travel towards Las Vegas through the Canyons & National Parks on the way there!

Stay tuned – both here on our Creative Connection Blog & our Spark Travelogue (which we will continue to update throughout our trip), the regional Social Media channels & the Instagram channels of Rich, Nathalie, Thomas, Sven & Richard that we mentioned earlier. It’s time for us to hit the #RoadToMAX17 again now! :)


Palm Springs

Situated just 180 kilometers south-east of Los Angeles, Palm Springs marks the last prominent city before heading towards the Mexican border. It became famous in the 60‘s, because multiple big-shot stars like Frank Sinatra bought houses here, turning it into sort of a „get-away“ for the American high society on the Westcoast. Nowaydays it’s more of a quite town situated on the outskirts of the desert, but there is a lot more to discover in the surrounding areas...

Salton Sea

The story of Salton Sea is an extremely peculiar one. We found this very good story explaining a lot of the problems the region is faced with here, it is a truly fascinating tale. Once being home to some thriving and upcoming towns in the 50’s and 60‘s, the biggest lake in the state of California has been evaporating and „dying“ for decades.

Results are former communities and towns like Bombay Beach. Still, some people are living out here, but as the conditions got worse and worse in the past, most of the habitants left the Salton Sea area. There really is not much life left around here...

After driving almost all the way around the lake, we discovered a unique scene: dried out parts of the lake, a horrible smell, muddy and instable soil, dead fish and even dead trees in the shallow water...a truly weird scenery, offering yet surreal moment during the sunset. So to be honest, for photographers, this dying lake is still a flowing spring for good shots!

Joshua Tree National Park

We have heard so much about our next destination & we couldn’t wait to get there for sunrise. So, again, our daily schedule in the morning sort of looks like this: Get up around 4. Meet up around 5. Prepare your shots around 6. We are getting used to this (and the tiredness – or is it still the Jetlag?!?) and are thinking about doing it every day! :)

Luckily for us, Richard knows this place pretty well, so we were able to get some amazing shots on top of the characteristic rocky hills, as we were waiting for the right moment & way to document the fascinating vegetation of Joshua Tree National Park.

Even though this Park is probably already in every travel guide for every trip to the South-Western region of the USA, we can only recommend this experience to everyone.

Incredible range of mountains, curvy roads and endless fields of vast vegetation – this was an unforgettable morning in Joshua Tree National Park and we were only able to finally let go of this sight, because we all needed breakfast BADLY!


The capitol of Arizona was more of a layover stop for us before heading towards the Grand Canyon – something we were obviously all looking forward to. Still, there was „a job to do“ in Phoenix and that’s what we did – Rich had researched multiple spots he was interested in shooting, and it really is interesting how he can turn literally any building into a piece of art…with a lot of preparation and hard work!

This time, it was a salad restaurant…

We are really focussing on enhancing our workflows on this trip, using more mobile photography than before. The botanic garden in Phoenix was a good chance to play with our mobile apps a little bit!

Also, we ended up getting great sunset content out of that visit - this beautiful scenery in the heart of the city of Phoenix really capped the day off for us nicely!

Grand Canyon

Not a lot needs to be said about this final destination of our second part of the trip – the Grand Canyon is definitely one of the most frequently visited National Parks worldwide, and it is simply a mind-blowing experience to look into the Canyon from an outer rim. We entered the Park from the South and reacted accordingly when we were finally able to see into the Canyon for the first time – this is so stunningly gorgeous!

We enjoyed a great sunset, became a bit adventurous, started climbing and ended up almost on the edge of the cliff to get our shots in. We have to say, that’s a petty steep drop so…please be careful, everyone! :)

By now, you guys should now what we did the next morning…of course we got up to catch the sunrise in the Grand Canyon! After some location-scouting, we found a good spot the night before and simply enjoyed this unforgettable experience. No more words needed.

After the sun was up, we did our second Facebook Live Session and talked in length about the past days and our impressions so far.

It was very hard to let go, because this view is truly nothing you want to run away from – but it was time to us to hit the road again!

Next stops will be Page & the nearby Horseshoe bend, hopefully the Antelope Canyon and finally Zion National Park, before we are headed to Las Vegas for the Adobe MAX!

Until then, enjoy our #RoadToMAX and stay tuned for more daily content coming your way. We are giving everything to capture this unique experience and we hope you guys are enjoying our tales. We are truly off to the desert now & will give you guys an update on our travels soon! See you soon, bis bald & á bientôt!


Nathalie Geffroy, Rich McCor, Thomas Kakareko, André Josselin, Adobe

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