Woeful Waters The "jancrow" fish

Scientific name: Pteraquazoo (flying water animal) Common name: The Jancrow Fish
The heinous Jancrow fish is located within the depths of the polar region; specifically, the abyssopelagic (largest environment for earth life) and disphotic zone. This realm is treated as the "hadal realm" by ecologist due to caliginous, atypical discoveries.
This vile creature is designed to withstand and adapt to severe conditions; it's thin black exterior is made with spider web technology which makes it impenetrable. The skin also serves as an insulator to thrive under tremendous pressure (200- 600 atmos.) and artic waters.
It's a bird, it's a plane...no! It's a flying fish! The Jancrow has wings and can move through a process called "flimming". Using its sharp wings to pierce through currents this fish is easily a falcon of the sea. Jet propulsion is also a mode of transportation.
This creature is a notorious hunter. It feeds off of the nutrient- rich corpses and scraps of any marine life. After desensitizing the victim with powerful sensors located on its crown it barbarously dismembers its prey! Alternatively, tiny microfibers on the skin allows this savage to extract minerals from briny waters.
Jancrow or Juvenile? Either way this critter has some interesting defense strategies. Everything underwater is a target. The eyes of this fish can hypnotize any creature in close proximity; thus, luring it to their death. A secondary defensive strategy is 'The Venom Tongue' which releases paralyzing spit/ mucus unto the adversary.
The Jancrow uses gills for respiration along with sensors to detract oxygen bubbles from the water.
Reproduction is accomplished by bonding two sensors together, making them codependent and reliant on each other. This attachment is for the duration of 7 weeks or until the maturation of the embryo. When attached, genetic codes and DNA is being transmitted. If the process is broken or the two are somehow separated both parties become infertile.

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