Moldova By Dominick Robinson


Moldova is near the black sea and many country's

This is the capital city of Moldova

Chisinau is Moldovas capital city

Moldova is an arctic zone witch means it is hot and cold all year.

the dniester is the 2 largest river in Moldova measuring 839 miles.


this is Moldova's population

The total population is 3.559 million compared to most country's Moldova's total population is small

Moldova's population density

only in some parts Moldova is crowded . It's world rank is 316 (sq/mi)

Moldova's growth rate is -0.5 percent

The top 5 largest cities are Chisinau, Tiraspolul, Balti, Bender, Ribnita.

Moldova is more Rural then Urban

More people are leaving Moldova more than entering because other country's are richer like

Moldova is a developing country. I think this because there GPD per capita is $1843 and Americas is $56115. Moldova's life expectancy is 70.7 years America's is 79.8 years. and Moldova's literacy rate is99.4% Americas is 99.99%

The main language's in Moldova are Romanian, Gagauz, Ukrainian, and Russian.

some of the religions are orthodox, Roman Catholicism and others

That's all my resources where Britannica School. Encyclopedia. and Geography alive.


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