Body Language by hannah wood

Eyes and eyebrows: You can communicate with your eyes and eyebrows by expressing certain feelings. If you are wide eyed, it communicates fear and surprise. Squinting the eyes shows confusion or suspicion. Raised eyebrows shows surprise or disbelief. Communicating through the positioning of eyebrows or the form of the eyes is a great way to express emotion or feelings.

Face: You can communicate with facial expressions and your smile very easily. Happiness can be seen through the sides of the face turned up and high levels of energy. Sadness can be portrayed through the sides of our faces turning down, as well as our eyes and eyebrows in a downward position.

Hands: Hands show communication through their positions. Hand shakes represent confidence, palms down shows unfriendly and closed, palms up shows friendly. Because of this representation that hands have, it allows us to communicate better through other things than our words.

Posture: Communication is possible through our posture. Open posture in which you sit straight and look at the speaker indicates agreement or comfort. Closed posture in which you are slouched with arms and legs crossed shows disagreement and discomfort. These forms of posture allow us to communicate better without words by our body language.

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