Canbury School Newsletter March 9th 2018. issue 120

Dear Parents and Visitors

After our enforced long weekend, Canbury has certainly made up for it this week with an abundance of events and activities. The House Swimming Gala was great fun. All participants swam like sharks for their Houses. It was also a lovely opportunity for me to chat with parents who came to support our competitors. You will find more details in the Sports report from Mr Orchard.

On Wednesday we had sixteen Year 5 & 6s attend our first Senior Welcome Morning of this academic year. Year 7s Jack and Alannah were the student ambassadors for the morning. Their role was to show their visitors the cloakrooms, playground and classrooms as well as to look after them at first break. This they did splendidly and with aplomb. Everyone had a fabulous morning, experiencing taster lessons in Spanish, Mathematics, English and Art. At morning break, they took over the playground playing football, skipping and hoopla hooping. In addition they enjoyed sticky buns, kit kats and fruit along with the rest of the school. Several stayed for lunchtime and many wanted to stay for the whole day. Scroll down for a selection of photos from the day.

One of our student ambassadors, Alannah, welcomed our visitors and made them feel right at home.

The majority of the pupils visiting are our new Year 7 for September 2018 so it was especially nice watching them develop their year group friendships. The Year 6s have their own ‘Getting Ready for Canbury’ morning in May preparing them for their transition to us - very exciting!

Thursday was busy with a visit from Independent Schools Association London West regional representative Mrs Sue Manser. Mrs Manser is a retired headteacher and a current ISI Inspector. She was quite stunned listening about all the progress Canbury School has made since her last visit and enjoyed hearing our plans for the future.

At lunchtime we held our World Book Day which was held in the English room. Students and staff had the opportunity to make bookmarks, fill out speech bubbles, write or talk about their favourite books. It was such a lovely atmosphere I wish it could have lasted all afternoon. A HUGE thank you to Mrs Bowen and Mrs Haines for all their hard work to make this event happen.

Mrs Haines and Mrs Bowen put on a spectacular event.

Later on in the evening we held our re-scheduled Year 7 parents’ evening. Once again a very enjoyable evening discussing our students’ progress to date was had by all.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to remind Year 11 students and their parents that there are weekly GCSE clinics in every subject at Canbury School. It would be very beneficial for all our Year 11 to utilise this resource now and in the lead up to their GCSE examinations.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


What Canbury means to me

Canbury is an opportunity to do well in life and it is a place where all teachers attend to your every need, no matter how hard it may be. In addition to that they have a brilliant range of choices in sports from kayaking to football.

Alexander Yr 9

What a fabulous time our visitors had at the senior welcome morning - learning and playground fun!

Students of the week

Year 7

Matthew for exceptional expressive reading in English.

Harry L for coming top in the History test on the Normans and Ottilie and Matthew who were just behind him.

Matthew, Ottilie and Harry L who did very well in their Mathematics test.

Sebastian W for his positive attitude towards doing the History test he missed.

Lucas for extending his experiment in Chemistry.

Shaaiyon and Harry A for an excellent attitude in Music, great team work, and producing some great work together.

Year 8

Oskar for some good work in Mathematics.

ART: a HUGE well done to all the year 8 Art class for the fabulous screen prints they have produced. They have been looking at landscapes and cityscapes. Every member of the class has a print displayed in the frames in the school corridor. Check them out! They look AMAZING.

Armani for fabulous effort and progress in PE.

Caitlin for excellent effort and enthusiasm during badminton.

Armani for her stamina and positivity during badminton.

Caitlin for writing an excellent Rap in Music and contributing brilliantly.

Year 9

Emily and Drew for brilliantly executed demonstrations of how to solve a circle problem.

Cate for perseverance and maintaining good humour, in the face of a recalcitrant set of compasses.

Cate and Emily for their effort on hill repetitions work in PE.

Joe and James for the quality of their work in PE - also on 'the hill'.

James and Emily for working on some great characters and an exciting scenario in Drama.

Year 10

Koji for excellent performance in his Mathematics test.

Ijaaz for outstanding progress in Biology.

Year 11

Luqmaan for excellent performance in the History test on the Treaty of Versailles.

Breaking news from Harry and Ruslan:

"We are happy to announce the tuck shop after the students have been requesting it for many years. In addition to sweets, chocolates and crisps the tuck shop will also stock stationery that the students require. The tuck shop will be open at break times on Mondays and Fridays, stating from Monday 12th March. Please remember to bring your money."


Well done to Year 10 Spanish students (Dean, Felix, Faysal, Jasmina and Koji) who, together, have accumulated 354, 544 points on ‘memrise’ over the first three weeks of this half term. That shows great commitment to independent study!

Year 7 Spanish students have been busy designing their dream houses (La casa de mis sueños) this week.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The silver group have now started the planning for their practice three day journey in April. The team worked well together this week organising their walking routes and meals. They will spend the next two weeks completing their planning.

'X' marks the spot....learning to map read the non-digital way.....that's a novel experience!

We thought it would be good to take a look in a bit more detail as to what doing your Duke of Edinburgh Award involves. This week, the spotlight is on Drew:

Drew has started ice skating for her physical and is hoping to be able to skate backwards and do a jump by the end of her three months. It's an ambitious aim, but go for it Drew! Watch this space to see if she succeeds. She is making slime to fundraise for an animal charity and hopes to raise £100 with her efforts. Good luck Drew - it's a worthy cause. If you wish to buy her slime then speak with her about how to go about ordering some. Her skill is cooking and from the evidence on her EDofE it appears she is a bit of an expert. Drew has cooked a HUGE amount of different dishes and the comments show that she is quite the master chef. Keep up the good work Drew! You are making EXCELLENT progress

Delicious looking pizzas from our very own Master Chef Drew.

Letters have been both handed out and sent out via email regarding the DofE training day in March. If participants are unable to attend they will not be able to participate in this year’s expedition practice and final, as training is an essential requirement and to ensure participant safety. Please ensure consent slips and medical forms are completed and returned promptly to the office.

Duke of Edinburgh Award participants doing it the Canbury way.

World Book Day

We are delighted to bring you news of our re-scheduled world book day which was held on Thursday after the beast from the east threw our plans up in the snowy air.

The only complaint to be had from the whole exercise was that it was simply too short. In other words, students and staff embraced the ethos of sharing their favourite books with each other and came together in a mini festival of books of our own.

"Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again."

As you can see from the pictures, everyone had something to say, and something to share. We learned that Ms Clancy's favourite book of all time is Rebecca, by Daphne Du Maurier.

Finally, we have free £1.00 official World Book Day 2018 book tokens to give to our students to encourage them to exchange for the World Book Day 2018 £1 token collection or put towards a more expensive book of their own choice. Pop along to see Mrs Bowen if you didn't get yours.



It's been another busy sporting week at Canbury.

The inter house swimming gala on Wednesday produced somes races which were the closest we have seen in a decade! However the undefeated Alexander B was beaten by Clapham swimmer Emily who pipped him to the post in the sprint 25m freestyle and again in the 50m free. When we watched Emily swim we were impressed - but at the same time reminded of those swimmers who still hold the school records in some case as far back as 2003!

Eventually after a string of wins Emily lost out to Alexander who had elected to skip the 50m back in order to give himself a better chance in the 100m free. Noble were too strong for the others - although Johnston were easy winners in the 5x25m relay…See the results graph below for a more in-depth analysis.

Well done to Noble.

SSSSA KS4 Football Tournament Round 4

KS4 put the boot in.

The B Team, despite being strengthened by the remaining A Team players struggled against some rather strong teams. The won their first match and lost three but played in good spirits. This tournament has been a great opportunity for us - and hopefully it will run again next year.

Older boys KS4 on Wednesday SSSSA Round 4 Football at Goals

SSSSA KS3 Football Tournament Round 4

Both A & B Teams too a bit of a tumble - having found themselves at the top of the Premiership and the League - both teams lost more than they won. Despite this the B Team still had a great afternoon - the games they lost were by just the one goal.

KS3 SSSSA 'B' Team

The A Team had a very different story, but we all know you can't win them all. Many of the goals we scored were indeed sublime and were a joy to watch - some of the opposition goalkeeping was all that stopped the duo of Nick & Joe…

On Monday we are off to the re-arranged SSSSA Unihoc. Letters and emails have been sent out to all those who need them.


It's been all go in the Canbury science laboratory this week, where safety goggles were trending....

Photography and Art

The Photographers’ Gallery in London is running student workshops suitable for 12-15 yr olds and 14-24 yr olds at weekends and over the Easter break. Further details of these can be found by following the link here: https://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/whats-on/events/develop-events-listing


In Business studies this week Koji and Felix researched a possible business venture - FK Safaris in Kenya, and presented it to the class. Sonja, Dean and Ijaaz also researched a business and presented their ideas to the class. Both were really well done in the short time that they had.

Felix and Koji's Safari could take you on the trip of a lifetime

House News

Silver 75 HP


Meet the teacher.

Introducing our new section, in which we put some questions to Canbury staff. Read on, this week to learn a little bit more about Mr Orchard, who you will usually find in the ICT room or on the sports field.

Mr Orchard crashes out.....

If you were a superhero, who would it be?

I have to say I used to enjoy the Marvel comics and some of the films have been great.

Which three people would you most like to have dinner with (dead or alive, fictional or non-fictional character)?

My wife, my father and my son.

What piece of advice would you give to your 13-year-old self?

It'll be all right in the end - and if it's not all right, it's not the end...

Messing about on the water.

What do you wish you had tried harder at in school?

Homework and Years 7-8-9. I also regret giving up the French Horn.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

Yes - although I thought I was going to go into the RAF as a physical training instructor.

Favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere with a long empty sheltered beach.

When did you arrive at Canbury?


What's the biggest change you've seen since then?

It's almost impossible to know where to start, there have been so many changes in the past two decades. I was lucky to know the first headmaster and founder of the school - the philanthropist John Wyatt. We chatted many times over the years prior to my teaching at Canbury as I brought visiting teams from other schools. He was a genuinely kind and remarkable man who wanted Canbury to be a school for those who had through no fault of their own struggled in bigger schools.

What's your favourite sport to (a) watch and (b) take part in?

Watching Athletics - although I am saddened and disappointed at the level of cheating and drug taking that seems to pervade the sport, it saddens me that a number of British athletes have been clearly robbed of their moment in the spotlight, when they didn't get the chance to step onto the podium and get a bronze medal - yet years later they then get a medal when some cheat has been exposed.

I've always thought that there is no point in running the race if you are prepared to cut corners... I continue to compete as a Masters athlete. I've won my fair share of County medals and title. I'm also a Field Official and I help organise Track & Field Meeting. I run the Hercules Wimbledon Masters Team, which has been victorious in the SCVAC South London League over the past two years. As an ex-decathlete I still enjoy some success in the throws and a little in the jumps. I am lucky to have a number of good friends made through athletics and I know that it is indeed possible to still compete into your 70s, although some days my body doesn't believe that it can still compete!

One of the toughest aspects of athletics is the indisputable distances, heights and times that you once did... and the acceptance that this is obviously long in the past and that you can only think a year or a decade at a time now. In masters athletics you are often competing as an M50 or sometimes an M55 - so at least everyone was born roughly when you were!

Where will you be in five years time?

Retired - enjoying a quiet life in the countryside tending a large garden with a sizeable orchard and a daunting vegetable plot, with my wife and dogs.

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