A Discussion of "The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" BY ARTEM PIMENOV


The theater had little effect on how I interpreted the play. However when I entered the auditorium I saw a scene of beautiful stained glass. I sat right in the center in the front that gave me a wide angle of the play and allowed me to appreciate the sides of the stage setup as well the center. As the lights dimmed I felt immersed in stage and as everyone looked towards the stage I felt as part of a whole. I feel that the place you occupy simply allows you to see different events however does not limit the Good Life. The theater was full and when the plot twists occurred, The audience sighed loudly. For example, when Leo died you could feel how tense the audience was.


I attended the performance alone. To attend, firstly I dressed appropriately for theater in pants and a shirt. I arrived a little early to make sure I was on time. I talked to my friends about the experience after I went to see the play and the sharing has helped me understand the play better, analyze the meaning and theme, and read into the play better. I believe it is very helpful to the Good Life to be able to hold truthful discussions about past experiences.


There were several issues addressed by the play. The issues of child molestation, suicide, child labor and peer pressure. I am completely aware these issues are prevalent in the world but I did not expect the play to become so incredibly serious. The death of Leo, the reveal of Talbot's molestation all had a profound effect on the way I saw these issues. The play has brought these terrible issues to life on our very stage.


The Devine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt attempted to reach katharsis by bringing some horrible social issues to life. By showing these issues on stage the theater has "come clean" on these problems. By displaying the death of a child from child labor, the suicide of a priest for suppressing the voice of the victim, the theater has disrupted the bubble that the audience lives in. The play has opened our lives to these horrors so that we can be more sensible and understanding.


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