Claire Maunsell Workshop on hOLLOw beadmaking and unique veneers

Welcome to my world!

In this workshop we will cover the following techniques that will teach you how to make any shape of hollow bead you desire! And also to make fantastic veneers that can be incorporated into the beads or alternatively, used in any of your other work.

  • Learn to construct hollow beads/forms of all shapes and sizes with no armatures or stuffing, and learn how to integrate the colour and surface you want right into the making of the bead. ( We start with undecorated ones first to get the hang of making hollows my way...)
  • Learn repeatable techniques to make interesting veneers of all types and how to use them on your hollow forms or on any of your other work.
  • Learn about the wide world of finishing that can happen after your bead is cured. This can transform your piece! What to use and what not to use and how to assess new products for polymer.
  • We'll discuss product interactions throughout the 2 days as this is something that people find intimidating...and I use a lot of products! What can I say? Art store crazy.....

Surface decoration and hollow forms are my passion!

My experience as a professional glass blower for 18 years ( NICHE award winner 1997) continues to influence me today in my approach to making hollow beads and forms. No interior forms or armatures are used which gives great freedom in forming the final work and speeds things up a great deal once the technique is mastered. The following photos of some of my beads give some idea of the possible form and the scope of the surface decoration to be covered.

Different hollow bead forms that show off a myriad of different surfaces!

I have put together a separate PDF for your Guild showing how a 2 day class happens with very specific times and tasks so you'll know what would be covered. Note that students would receive a very detailed PDF/aide memoire at the end of day 1 as there many steps in the different veneers! It is around 80 pages. This PDF covers the making of hollows and the making of veneers and other surfaces which covers 2 days.

In the following series of photos, you can see some close up photos of some of the many veneers I have made and also a few of the many polymer pieces which show my focus on surface.

For the veneer photos, bear in mind that these surfaces could be altered still further or left as is...

Cell crackle 1

altered/abraded crackle

printed from shallow plate - city veneer

Print from shallow plate

Cell crackle 2

Further crackle variants

Cell crackle altered...

Crackle within crackle....

Carving and colouring....

'Bark' crackle...

Very soft Mokume Gane

Printing with texture...

Printing on polymer...

Making raised crackle...

Direct application on texture...

Reimagined crackle...

One of many metallic applications possible....

'smoky' crackle

Transfers as collage...

Another crackle variant

Aging and integrating transfers...

If the sheer bulk of possibilities seems overwhelming, don't forget you will get a PDF 'book' to remind you of the steps for the surfaces - pictures included.

I will be supplying the most important colorants that I use in my work free to students. You are, of course, welcome to bring your own if you already have them! I just don't want students to go out and buy products before they have had a chance to try them out! I also supply the tools for hollow bead making, which will be yours to keep after the class for a small fee (5$) if you feel that hollow beads could be your thing!

These surfaces come together in interesting ways on the surfaces of my jewelry, vessels and beads, as you can see in the examples in the grid below.

Surface applications are the essence of my work with different forms

See more of my work on my Flickr photostream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stillpointworks/

Can't wait to meet you!

Claire xo

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