Should we give up summer vacation? BY:mackenize fromberg

Summer break is awesome but after a couple months it’s always time for school again. You walk into math the first day and hear “Pop quiz! Let’s see what you remember” Then you realize that over summer vacation you have forgotten everything from the year before. Why should we have to relearn information because of a long summer break? This is why we should have school year round.

I know your are thinking NO why would we want to have no summer break but if we had no summer vacation we would have A LOT more breaks, we would get a break about once every month and the breaks we would already have like Christmas break, thanksgiving break and spring break would be longer.

Elisabeth Palmer, project director said “results indicated that after one year of experiencing a 60 days of school and 15 of vacation, students felt more positively about year-round education.” She also said her studies indicate that “53 percent favored year-round education during summer, while 79 percent favored it at the end of the first year.” If we have summer year round then it wouldn't cause summer slide and it will improve our academic achievement. We would also get out of school earlier.

An argument is that if we had school during the summer then we would not have long breaks we would just have a lot of small breaks and I don't think that some people would like short breaks

I feel like year round school would help students. Students would learn more because they wouldn't have to relearn information after summer vacation. This is why we should have school year round.




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