"Do you believe in miracles?" The Miracle on Ice

On February 22, 1980, at the Lake Placid Olympic Games, a miracle that shocked the world occurred, and changed the course of American sports forever. In the semifinals of the Olympic Hockey tournament, the American team of amateurs defeated the Soviet hockey team, who won the last 4 gold medals, by a score of 4-3, in the biggest upset in sports history.

The Soviets were the overwhelming favorites. They had won gold in '64, '68, '72, and '76. However, coach Herb Brooks brought out a strategy that beat the Soviets at their own game. Many people attribute the win to his coaching. He was later inducted into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame.

This game left a lasting impact in the U.S. During times of war against the Soviets, people were tired and depressed. Inflation was prominent, morale was low, and people wanted joy. Then, the U.S. hockey team came along. They set up the ultimate clash, the U.S. against the Soviets. America vs. Russia. Freedom vs. communism.

With the victory, it gave people good news that they so desperately wanted. It also gave them a good feeling, knowing that they have defeated the Soviets. This may only be a hockey game. But, soon after this, American sports reached a new level.

The headlines after the game, on the New York Daily News.

After the Miracle on Ice, a rise in American Sports could be seen. Before the 1980 Olympics, the U.S. had won 95 medals in the last 12 Winter Olympic Games. After the Miracle, they got nearly double that, with 187 medals, within 10 Olympic Games. But it didn't affect only the Winter Games. Before the 1980 Olympics, the U.S. won 1515 medals in the last 18 Summer Olympic Games. However, after the Miracle, the U.S. won only 509 less medals, at 1006 medals, within half the amount of times the event took place, with 9.

It was one of the most influential sports events in history, and for a reason. It proved that if you work hard enough, miracles will occur. Even if 99 times out of 100, your opponent will win, if you truly believe, results will come along. This game provided inspiration to many people around the world purely for this reason.

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