Save end dog meat trade in Asia

Make no mistake about it - Vietnam is increasingly showing that it will no longer tolerate animal cruelty. Change is happening and it’s being driven by animal lovers themselves. So much more to do but momentum is with us. Together we can end cruelty.

Freezing. Hungry. Scared. This is the life, right now, for dogs trapped in the cruel dog meat trade.

The health risk with dog meat consumption is getting rabies and reports of outbreaks of trichinellosis and cholera. It is reported that 39,000 people in Asia die alone each year due to rabies. It is believed it is due to the trade of dog consumption which is a major health risk and causes a greater reason to stop the unjust and illegal killing of dogs.

accurate statistics regarding the number of dogs slaughtered are impossible to obtain, due to it being illegal or where the production takes place.

Kim, R. (2008). Dog meat in Korea: A socio-legal challenge.Animal Law, 14, 201236, at 202, "2 million dogs are killed for food every year in south Korea, and over 100,000 metric tons of dog meat are consumed annually," retrieved from

In 2002, 2.95 million dogs were killed for consumption and in 2005, 2.31 million dogs died as well for consumption.

In certain parts of Asia, there are people who steal and capture homeless dogs or dogs with owners to sell and get slaughtered in the dog farms to become the next meal. Many helpless, voiceless dogs are being tormented in tight cages and treated horribly.

Picture shows how dogs get put in cages with barely enough space, sometimes put in conditions where they are squished against other dogs.

Many organizations in the U.S and also in Asia and over the country have gathered to rescue those dogs being held in bad conditions. For example HSI, AFA, are one of the organizations that have been working hard to put an end to it.

You can help to put an end to what is happening in Asia by donating for the 5K fundraiser coming up this Spring! You can also join the marathon and any amount of money is accepted whether it'd be .10 cents to $20 dollars every dime counts.

Every year about 10,000 dogs get slaughtered at the Yu Lin festival.

30 million dogs are farmed, traded and slaughtered for human consumption in Asia alone each year.

Another way to help end the illegal dog killing for consumption in Asia is by visiting the website of Human Society International and signing the pledge as we are close to ending this cruel act on dogs. Visit by clicking this website link below!

You can also help by writing a letter to the president of the Philippines, urging to stop the illegal killings of dog consumption in the Philippines. You can do that by clicking on the link below and scrolling down the website and 'clicking' where it says "Write your letter".

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