Time Capsule Lake Coleman Wilson

1. I would like Juniors to know to know that senior year should be fun and relaxed. If you do bad junior year that will make you stress about senior year.

2. I would really like to stress to incoming freshman the importance of grades. If you have a B in that class push for a A. If you a C in a class push for a B or A. I regret not getting my grades higher and trying harder at that. In the long run It will affect your GPA and could prevent you from being in things that could truly set you apart from others.

3. In five years I will be working for a stable job with a decent income. I will be living in a nice apartment and doing a tons of local volunteer work; maybe even living overseas. In ten years, I will be settling done with a husband and ten kids, five adopted and five my own, taking care of them and living the wife life.

4. My fear is failure. I don't want to let myself down. I want to accomplish all my goals and if I don't I will be disappointed in myself.

5. My favorite music: everything, honestly, as long as it has a nice beat i'm down. My Favorite TV show: Teen Wolf, Dance Moms, Animal Kingdom, Are you the one. My favorite Movies: All Disney movies, Inception, Divergent series, Hunger games series, All super hero movies, Transformer series, Ninja Turtle series, all movies, i'm a huge movie buff. My favorite movie of all time is Burlesque; I could watch it single day. My favorite food: Italian, Mexican, and Chinese.

I love painting my nails
My Fav Movie
My phone
Hair is always in a poof
I love looking at houses

7. I can make myself have a lazy eye and I can bind my thumb 90 degrees

8. I want them to know that It takes me a minute to warm up to people. I don't open up fast but when I do, I feel like people will know the real me

9. My favorite lesson in school I learned was how to ignore ignorance.

10. Tre Pricket is a really sweet guy. Marcus is a really hard worker. Dylan Is a sweet guy. Jalani is very talented and I hope she goes far in volleyball. Igwe is funny.

11. I want to be remembered by the girls who didn't talk much but was super pretty and sweet.

The Grandview School District has treated me well but i'm ready to get out.

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