The grass isn't always greener on the other side The view of how Imperfect the "perfect" maRrige was

"Janie took a lot of looks at him and she was proud of what she saw". Janie feel for the materialistic and word play that joe had played her. She just wanted to find out how to love properly and maybe even deeply. She thought joe was her perfect man. Joe just had her on a pedestal and had everyone watching as so did he but as soon as he took her off it, it was like throwing your favorite old shoes in the back of a closet. You knew they were there but you only brought them out and took care of them when you really needed it.

The perfect marriage would mean an even distribution of power or treatmeant. Joe lacks respect and an aspect of love that Janie is trying to find. " thank yuh fuh yo' compliments but mah wife don't know nothin' bout no speech-makin. Ah never married her for nothin' lay dat." Pg43 this just makes the point that he bluntly disrespected her and diminished her view as a smart women. He made everyone recognize he has a marvelous and spectacular looking wife but away from the literal crowd and it's just a hollow hole of people who are connected by the word marriage.

Janie was very used to have people tell her how to do things. When her and joe got married it all changed. He was very demanding and Janie just wanted to learn to love. Joe was a self centered egoistic man who wanted everything for himself which cause a lot of dents in the relationship. Since he became mayor though he tries to give off a very hefty like man feature but in reality he is no man to Janie nor his marriage. He just gives the look that he does good to her but he doesn't love her the way she wants to be loved

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