Surrender Sonya hartnett


  • Gabriel is on his deathbed thinking about is life.
  • Gabriel had a friend named Finnigan who stole money from his mom.
  • The boys made a packed that Finnigan will do all of Gabriels dirty work.
  • it went well at first but Gabriel told Finnigan it was getting out of hand and to stop and he wouldn't because they made a pact.
  • Gabriels dad let him get a dog, who he named surrender.
  • Both boys love surrender and Finnigan would take surrender out at night to hunt at the local farms and kill chickens.
  • surrender gets shot in the shoulder by a farmer and Gabriels dad tells Gabriel to finish the job.
  • Gabriel gave surrenders spirit to Finnigan and Gabriels dad ties surrender up and tells him to shoot it.
  • Gabriel gets a crush on a girl named Evangeline. But Finnigan makes him choose. Him or her and hes not leaving.
  • Gabriel knows how dangerous Finnigan is and tells Evangeline to leave town. She doesn't.
  • Gabriel is sick of his parents so he kills them with a hatchet.
  • in present time Gabriel is actively trying to kill himself (that's why he's on his deathbed)
  • he's forcing his own death to kill Finnigan, who is actually is other half. His darker half.
  • The only way to kill Finnigan is to kill himself so he surrenders and dies.

Metaphor: "Finnigan smiled wolfishly"

Simile: "A Mind as slick and slippery as an eel"

Imagery: Gabriel described Finnigan as an animal, "Hyena eye' Finnigan is considered wild.

Personification: "I imagined his skull shattering beneath the force of his scream"

Theme: Good vs. Evil

Exposition: Gabriel is on his deathbed

Rising action: Gabriel explains his relationship with Finnigan

Climax: Finnigan makes Gabriel choose between him and Evangeline

Falling action; Finnigan gets out of control

Resolution: Gabriel kills himself killing Finnigan

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