Transgender Equality Created by: Elise McIntyre

Issue: Transgenders should be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice.


0.6% of the the population are transgender

41% of trans people have attempted suicide

Based on Jody Herman's survey, 93 transgender and gender non comforting people in Washington.DC they themselves are at risk in the restroom

Support will come from the LGBT+ community because they include about 3.5% of the adult population not counting children, teens, and supporters.

Persuading the Public

A website and YouTube videos shall be created for the public to see. A petition to sign will also be uploaded to social media for people to sign.

Persuading the Legislators:

A petition will be created to post on social media platforms such as instagram and twitter and friends and family will be asked to help repost. This petition will also be available to sign at rallies and pride parades for physical signatures.

Closing Statement:

This act can stop suicide and harassment of the trans community. Please help support this community,


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