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This is what a good citizen looks like.

A good citizen obeys laws, have responsibilities, and respect the rights of them and other citizens. A good citizen obeys laws. They respect laws that authorities pass. They obey the laws that are necessary to keep their community and country safe. A good citizen has responsibilities. They pay taxes, register to vote, and get an education. A good citizen respects the rights of them and other citizens. They respect freedom of speech or religion. The right to vote or right to assemble. They respect the right to equal protection under the law. A good citizen would help the economy and environment to make their country better.

Government is very important because without it there would be no order, no ruler, and no protection or rights. Order is very important to keep a country running. If there are no laws, you could do anything you want and have anybody do anything against you. Laws are important to control the country. They help the way we live and protect us. From those who break them. For example the U.S. is a very civilized country. They have a rule of law which states that everybody has to follow the law even the rulers. If there is no government, there is no ruler. The ruler makes decisions that makes living better for citizens. There are big responsibilities that need a ruler. A decision for war is a very serious and hard decision. For example Somalia in some parts is in anarchy. They have no ruler to control the people. There are no rights without a ruler. A leader is needed to rule the country to make decisions and to protect the country. From these examples it is clear that government is a necessity for a country and its citizens.

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