Krypton by Faith King 3rd Period

36 protons, 36 electrons, and 48 neutrons

Krypton is a...

Sir William Ramsey and Morris W. Travers found Krypton in 1898

We use krypton in photographic flashes

  • Physical Properties
  • Melting point: -157.36 degrees Celsius
  • Boiling point: -153.22 degrees Celsius
  • colorless, odorless, tasteless
  2. Isotopes: has 6 stable isotopes
  3. Oxidation: has 2 stable oxidation states
  4. Chemical nature: unreactive gas
What are the origins of the word Krypton ? The name originates from the Greek word 'kryptos' meaning hidden.
Krypton is rare and expensive.
The discovery of Krypton happened partially by accident

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